Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pictures for Birthday

This picture is last day of being age 9.

This picture was opening her gift from Grammie and Grandad after dinner and cupcakes at their house.

Of course, a birthday evening wouldn't be complete without a melt down.  I blame exhaustion.  It wasn't as bad as past birthdays but we were going on so well, I was a wee bit shocked.  This morning I hugged her and asked her if her birthday was a good one despite the melt down and she agreed it was.  I thanked her for not letting the melt down last as long as in past years.  Believe it or not, she does have some control over it.  And then sometimes, a girl's just gotta cry...


jennifer said...

Happy Happy Birthday G!!

Vivian M said...

She looks so very grown up! Happy fabulous 10!! It's Kerri's favorite number!