Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bilbo Rex Tacker-UPDATE

Well, he isn't eating or at least not that we can tell.  His water has been changed from the distilled stuff and also has a bit of the conditioner it in.  Looked good this morning, though.  Also, he isn't hiding as much in the tree.

I purchased some new pellet food because apparently the betta flakes aren't food, just a snack, who knew. G wants another betta, not to replace, just to have.  I told her to clean out the fish bowl we have and she can have one.  It just can't sit on the same table.  Not a problem, she is taking care of Bilbo well.

We haven't any plans other than laundry this weekend.  G mowed the yard Monday night and it still looks good.  I haven't looked at the weekend weather so I haven't any idea of rain or heat or anything.

I am looking at an on-line school for G beginning next year.  Several things must align in order to do so. Mainly the money has to be there and willingness from my parents to allow G to do the work at their house. And I guess really that is the biggest thing, her care during the day.  I ordered a DVD that hopefully will explain to my parents why I need to get G out of public schools, because of Common Core, and into a classical education.

Of course I will have to be so much more intentional on socializing her and exposing her to more outside stuff on weekends because of work during the week.  I can't ask my parents to take that over though I might can pay someone currently homeschooling to take G along on outings.  I am not sure how this will look for us.   Just praying about it all right now.  On-line is still much cheaper than private and so much healthier than common core.

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Vivian M said...

We seriously thought about home schooling Kerri too. As it is we have to supplement her learning at home, since she isn't learning as much as we used to. And the bullying and mean girl thing is just out of control. I hope you find a solution that work for Miss G. Will be praying right along with you!