Friday, May 16, 2014

Cucumbers and Other Ramblings

So G has a violent ly funny reaction to the smell of cucumbers. I have been adding them to my salad for lunch.  She is not allergic to them and has only recently decided that she detests them so badly.  One morning earlier this week as she was putting her plate in the dishwasher did this weird dance while declaring the stinky-ness of the cucumber peals I had just left in the sink.  I asked her if she was having a fit and she said yes because of the cucumber smell.

So I, being the loving mother I am, yesterday morning took my cucumber to her while she sat trying to wake up and held it, waving it around her head while singing a dumb made up song about the wonderful cucumber so she couldn't help but smell it, heh.  Not for long so no bad comments.  Like I said, she isn't allergic to them and she loves sweet pickles which I think belong in tuna salad, finely chopped, go figure.

Also, she, in her mother's day poem book, labelled me the color green, like a pickle if I were a color.  So, you know,  my cucumber "dance" was all just pay back.

No big plans this weekend.  It has rained off and on since like Tuesday with a drastic attempt at the return to winter (I had to turn on my space heater in the bedroom even) in the weather so mowing has just not happened.  Saturday, G will give it another go starting in the front yard, breaking it into smaller bits.  I have warned her there will be no payday if she doesn't mow the whole yard herself; no backing out half way because she's tired.

Other than that, hanging out trying to not spend money after having my air compressor in the car need to be changed, and that after having the lower hose replaced the week before, $$$OUCH$$$.  But we will drive cool in the southern temps.

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Vivian M said...

Love the cucumber dance, too funny!

Sorry about the car, but glad it's fixed just in time for the warmer temperatures!