Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day

I unplugged so to speak from most things.  Saturday was a good day.  G and Granddad washed my car.  Now I owe her the well deserved payment.  It looked really good until some birds flew over in an open parking lot Sunday.  The inside was even cleaned/vacuumed!!  Then, of course, G threw her empty candy wrapper in the floor instead of in the convenient garbage bag I have hanging on the back of the seat.

I must tell all of my mom friends, "YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!"  It is called Mom's Night Out.  It is funny, clean, thoughtful, entertaining and a sweet break from the junk Hollywood tries to force down our throats on a daily basis.  From the opening credits through the ending credits, my mom and I cried and laughed as did quite a few others in the theater.  And the trailer doesn't show all of the funny parts, like some movies do.  This movie is really a great movie for families, yes the children will enjoy it too.  As a mom though on a date night with hubby or with your own mom or mom friends it is a fun shared experience.

Mom and I then went to Panera Bread Company for lunch.  It was so very good.  Always is.  Mom and I could talk undistracted.  At one point mom was going to ask the doctor if she could drive but something happened Friday night to show her that her mind is deteriorating more rapidly than we would like, obviously, and so she is content with not driving.  Well, content is not really the feeling more like resigned acceptance.

Also, I asked mom if she thought dad was considering a move into town.  Currently and for the last 43 years, they have lived 7 miles north of small town.  When mom broke her hip it obviously took a bit for the ambulance to arrive.  They aren't getting younger and mom is not going to be able to stay by her self as the disease progresses.  They live on 2 1/2 acres of land too that usually takes about 4-6 hours of mowing time.  Dad keeps a garden or two due to tomato blight.  The trees are aging like the people who live there and after this winter, there were lots of damaged trees with which to deal.

Anyway, when I asked her about considering a move closer to town, she did not get defensive, and she said my dad had taken her to see some homes.  I mentioned to her that now would be the ideal time to jump because as her disease progresses, change will be very difficult.  She agreed that if it were to happen it would need to be now.

She said that although she won't encourage dad to move, she won't put up a great fight about it.  She is attached to the house.  It will be very hard to see them move for all of us.  My dad is very practical though and doesn't let the emotion make the decisions unlike me or my mom, heh.  They need a smaller newer house, smaller yard big enough for a garden, and closer to town.  

I just heard also that the neighborhood hospital, though not a national treasure, but still local, may be closing due to o'care.  Next closest hospitals are out of state 40 mins or so away and in state over an hour away from where we are now.  Plus getting to the out of state hospitals will require going through interstate construction which slows down the ability to get help quickly.  I am praying we don't lose our hospital. They have an awesome rehab facility that was instrumental to my mom healing from her hip, but not just my mom. Other people have been greatly helped by this facility, and I think it would be devastating to this area to lose it particularly to those folks on medicare and medicaid.  AR medicaid doesn't pay well and has so many strange requirements that doctors and hospitals very rarely get paid.

Anyway, all that to say, my parents would benefit from moving closer particularly if the hospital closes.  And my prayer is that if they chose to do so, their current house will sell for enough to let them purchase outright and with money to put in the bank for future use.  Hopefully mother won't have to be on any purchase or contract for the time when she may be in a nursing home.  We don't want medicare to take anything from my dad if she is forced to go to a nursing home.  Of course, I pray that never happens.  If they were closer we may be able to stave off that moment too.

So now another week begins.  I seem to start every week in a sleep deficit despite my nap on Sunday.  G has set herself a very difficult task of reading the #6 Harry Potter book in 2 weeks to test on it for the end of the school year in AR.  She needs to read 3 chapters a day or something around 50+ pages.  She can do it if she really tries.  She has a tendency like all kids to procrastinate or maybe just not understand how time works.  So she didn't read much this weekend which is a problem if she expects to meet her goal.  If she doesn't succeed I would have rather her wait to start the book the month before school starts next year.  Otherwise remembering the book over the summer will be hard.  They cut AR off early when the kids really could continue to read at least another week.

Anyway, here is to another week in M land and a Happy Belated Mother's Day.


Vivian M said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! My dad was in the same boat as your parents. He didn't sell/move until recently, but now he is happy he did and wishes he had done it sooner. I am so very glad your mom is open-minded, it will make it easier when the time comes to move.
Praying your hospital doesn't close! And good luck Miss G, I know you can get that book read.

Briana's Mom said...

I'm so glad you were able to have a conversation about your mom about the house. My grandmother was pretty stubborn and did not want to move when my grandfather passed. So when the time came to finally move her (about two years later) because of the disease progressing, she put up a big fight. My mom managed to calm her down and have the talk with her. Finally my grandmother agreed it was the right thing to do.

Definitely good luck to Miss G on her book!