Friday, May 30, 2014

Mom Update

Well, the appointment yesterday was not to remove the melanoma but to discuss the whens and hows of both, yes 2, surgeries.  The first surgery (both outpatient) will be to remove the melanoma and left open until the biopsy returns clean margins.  The second surgery will be to reconstruct the face where it was removed.  Basically, my mom will get a one sided face lift.  Also, she has been warned that the side of her face will be numb for about 6 months.

Please continue to pray for her for that.  I hate that they didn't just remove it yesterday, and both of my parents thought they would remove it right then.  I suspected it was going to be more detailed than that, but since dad believed it too, I didn't challenge.

In other news, the honors assembly was today.  G pulled out all As for the last nine weeks, to both of our surprise.  She was very surprised she did it; even warning me on the way to school that she might have a C.  She didn't get the high AR points, though.  She found out 3 days too late that the AR testing could continue for another week after she believed it over, and she could have pulled it out.  Oh well.

She is currently going through a moody time, on the verge of tears for any perceived little slight.  Hopefully this weekend we can re-connect correctly.  Can't mow the yard as it has rained now for the last 3 days.  Mostly, grocery shopping and laundry with a couple of movies thrown in.  FUN TIMES AHEAD, I tell you.

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Vivian M said...

praying for your Mom and all of you. And yay Miss G!!! Way to go with your awesome grades!
I wonder if hormones have anything to do with the tears...I am not looking forward to the puberty years!
Hope you have a relaxing, peaceful, tear-free weekend!