Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Mama-Update and Other Ramblings

Please pray for clean margins.  Mom got the biopsy report back on a spot taken off of her face.  It is melanoma.  She will have it removed Thursday afternoon in the doctor's office. Please pray that the doctor will get all clean margins and will get all of it out with no other treatments needed.  And a prayer that there will be no need for an MRI.  My mom is terrified of them.

In other news, school is over in less than a week and half.  G will have her honors awards Friday but I think she will only be on the AB honor roll this last nine weeks.  I am still proud but I do attribute some of this to her giving up this last 9 weeks.  And she did, give up I mean.  She was and is just tired of school.

Why they are still doing math sheets and worksheets is lost on me since I think grades had to be in last Friday.  I believe this is called "busy work."  No one at the age of 10 enjoys busy work.

Next week is called "blow-off" week because all stats on the children will be turned in and no longer counted as far as attendance etc.  Friday they are having another field day type day away from the school.  Basically an all day picnic/play time.

In an effort to get G to read books with morally uplifting characters and stories, I have decided to pay her $5 for every book she reads. These books will be chosen by me, will be her reading level or just above and will be a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and classics.  The first book came yesterday it is Pearl S. Buck's The Wave.  It isn't very big, and she did start the book last night.  She could have finished it by bed time as well.  True to G form however, she got bored with it, and it happens to be lying in my bedroom floor.  She doesn't like to read.

When I mentioned my idea of paying her for reading books she literally said it was a stupid idea and argued with me about it for 15 mins.  She even told me how she would cheat and get the money without reading the books.

Funny thing about that 15 mins was that I had not actually said I would pay for books.  I had just thrown the idea out there to see if she thought she might be interested in it as a way to earn money.  So when she came around to the idea, she was pretty jazzed about it.

I will not make it about anything other than $5 to read a book and tell me about it.  I will be able to know if she really did read it or not.  The older she gets maybe the price will go up but more will be required like a book report.  I currently have 6 books ready for her to read.  Right now it is a "we shall see" attitude I have.
In other ramblings, nothing much is going on.  Having difficulty getting things approved up the line for work.  I suppose that is to be expected in most places.  Good thing what I need to complete has a movable timeline.

Short week this week for me and next week for G.  VBS starts the week after and at some point my parents will take G to visit her cousin for a while.  Don't know the when or the how long but just know it will be.

Our fish, Bilbo is doing well or at least he is still alive and still very pretty.  That is all in the M corner for now.


Briana's Mom said...

Praying for good news with your mom! Hope you have a great summer.

Vivian M said...

Praying for your mom and her doctor!
With Kerri, I found letting her pick out books she is interested in (with my approval, of course) really got her into reading. Her teacher recommended Spirit Animals, and then she got hooked on the Warriors (cats) series.
Glad fishy is OK!
Good luck with the work thing.