Monday, May 05, 2014

The Weekend

Friday I took the day off from work, so grateful to have time to take with pay.  It was my dad's birthday, G was at school, and I grabbed my mom to run errands with me.  At the bank I dropped my driver's license under the car, had to back up to retrieve it.  Frustrating but oh so like clumsy me.

Mom and I picked up work gloves for dad's birthday per his own comment of always needing work gloves.  At the grocery store, we grabbed two bags (on sale) pistachios to add to the gift.

Anyway, Dad had to buy a new dishwasher so while mom and I were out he was getting the dishwasher.  Mom doesn't like to be left alone so I stayed with her until he got back then I ran home and finished packing and laundry.  It took him all day and one injury to get the dishwasher installed but it works great now.

I grabbed G and her friend after school and got them a snack, then we hit the road.  For G's birthday I took her to see the Blanchard Springs Caverns with a friend of hers.  This was the present she wanted, a trip.  The girls mostly played Minecraft on the motel's wifi together.  They laughed and giggled and went to sleep at 12:01am.  I went to bed much earlier though I mostly dozed until they were asleep.

We stayed the night in Mountain View then Saturday afternoon went into the caverns for an hour tour.  We saw one bat fly by which was odd since technically they were all supposed to be hibernating.  Even the park ranger told us all we would not see a bat because they were together hibernating.  His back was turned when it flew by.

Saturday  morning after breakfast at pizza inn we headed to the McSpaddin Dulcimer Shoppe and to the Ozark Community something or other that was a 100+ year retro village of shops demonstrating the old ways of doing things like silver smith, black smith, wood turning, lye soap making, on and on.  It was nice.  We had lunch at the village before moving on to the caves.  Lunch was not retro, just burger, hotdog, chicken tenders and fries with sodas.

The weather was great or hot, and I discovered that my car doesn't like to cool down much in hot weather.  We will be miserable this summer looks like.  Temps rose to almost 90 Saturday.

I miscalculated the return time Saturday night getting home much later than the original plan.  Leave that to me as always.  We only had to stop once on the way for gas and bathroom.  It still took almost 3 hours home.  I used my dad's GPS which probably helped me get home 15 mins sooner than the printed map taking me Hwy 14 only.

I think the girls were duly impressed with the caves.  I got a wee bit dizzy when I first entered.  I was actually more afraid that one of the girls would freak out on me, but then it was I who had to do the whole internal self talk to remain cool and collected, heh.

In Mountain View, G learned a new skill:
It may come in handy if our washer ever breaks.  She also made a very good smelling sachet with a mix of lavender, rosemary, cedar and somethings I can't remember.  The lavender is the strongest scent.

I have no photos of the caves as there is a fungus attacking bats called White Nose Syndrome.  Basically, in an effort to control the spread of it, if you can't wash something, it can't come with you into the caves so no cameras. The shoes even had to be disinfected before we were allowed to leave the building.  The feds acknowledge that it really won't stop it but only slow it down a bit.  The fungus started in the bats in the NE and it is moving slowly west.  Since I knew about the camera ban, I only had my cell which also stayed in the car and all the pictures I took of the girls were with  my cell.

Sunday after church we celebrated dad's birthday and let him open his not much of a surprise birthday gift.  I also got my Sunday nap.  Then G and I attended our Bible study.  No, she doesn't participate as it technically is for grown ups but I know it will one day be a benefit that she was there for the majority of it with me.  

Now back to the grind of work and school.  Still very grateful to have a job!!

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Vivian M said...

It sounds like Miss G's birthday trip was a success! Happy belated birthday to your Dad, hope his dishwasher injury isn't serious.