Monday, May 19, 2014

We Have a New Pet

And we have managed to keep him alive since Saturday.  That has looked a bit shaky since yesterday afternoon, however.  The more I research the more I have learned we have totally listened and followed poor advice.  We added distilled water to the brand new starter tank.  We attempted to feed him Sunday and he didn't eat.  G has had her hands all in the tank to pet him, and now the water is cloudy. YEA! 

He is a crowntail betta.  He is really pretty and his name is Bilbo Rex Tacker.
The name was chosen because all three of the names made G's short list, and we couldn't decide.  Bilbo is from the Hobbit, Rex means king, and Tacker was my grandmother's maiden name.  The picture isn't very good because his colors are a brilliant red and blue with spots of white.  Mostly he is blue.  There was a greenish one but he didn't seem to have very full fins like this one.  G said she initially didn't want a betta because she thought they were ugly brown fish.  When I showed the vast selection at the pet shop she grew very excited then had trouble making a decision.  They really are beautiful fish.

So I was going to get a live plant for him but after reading forums, that is not recommended.  Silk plants are so maybe later.  He likes his plastic one and hides behind it away from G's fingers.  G has been so very excited though.  If well cared for they can live anywhere from 3-7 years.  Our set up is probably going to top out on the 3 year side.

Oh and it rained Friday night, Saturday night and early Sunday morning so I didn't get to mow.  The yard is going to be terrible when I am able to do it.  Instead of mowing, G and I picked my mom up who called us just before going out to do our errands and ended up getting a fish and having lunch out, just the three of us. Dad was working in his garage which was why my mom called.  She is in a stage of being very lonely.  Soon enough she will be lonely but not wanting to run and gun everywhere.  I will take the time to take her with as long as she is willing to go.

The AR cut off was last Friday even though they still have 3 more weeks of school so G didn't make her reading challenge.  She will have to re-read this book and read the last book in the Harry Potter series beginning next year to test for AR.  So since she can't test on it anyway we finished watching the movies. Now when she reads she will need to be very mindful of the differences, and there are many!

Other than not getting the yard mowed, the weekend was a semi-success.

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Vivian M said...

Congratulations on the new pet. Bilbo is cute!

I think time spent with your Mom was a better decision than mowing the grass. :)