Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Update

G and I watched all of the Harry Potter movies beginning Friday and ending Monday morning at 12:27 am.  I know the time because I warned G not to wake up at 7 or she wouldn't get enough sleep and she figured out how many hours to the minute it would have been before she fell asleep.  And she woke up Monday morning at 8:30 or so.

Anyway,  we did other things like go to church Sunday morning, clean the house and finish laundry all day Saturday before starting the movies up for the day.  I even got a short nap Friday afternoon after playing Frisbee with G, Monday afternoon and sleeping late on Saturday morning.

It ended up being a sad weekend for our church and particularly for a woman in my Sunday School class.  She lost her husband of 47 years to a devastating disease called Wegener's disease.  This is a disease of unknown origin possibly a latent genetic thing that is triggered by an infection attacking mostly adults in mid to later years.  He was 72.  Last year he had a colonoscopy that ended up puncturing his colon but wasn't discovered for 2 days.  He almost died then.

He never really looked like he fully recovered from that before this disease was discovered already too late.  His lungs had begun pealed on the inside and bled causing pneumonia around Easter.  He was in and out of the hospital due to that and vasculitis (symptom in the disease).  He lost the battle Saturday evening.  Visitation was yesterday and burial was today.  It stormed this morning and I prayed it would stop before the funeral.  I went to visitation with my mom.  His wife was also my 1st grade teacher.  She is as to be expected devastated.  They were a very close couple.  She depended upon him greatly.  There were a lot of people who came to the visitation and I am sure many more for the funeral.  Our church was feeding the family.

I have probably misspelled all of the medical terms because I didn't take the time to look them up, doesn't change the information.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter as we are not promised tomorrow.

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