Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New Shape

I think it is time for me to get back into shape because the melted blob o' butter shape I am currently sporting is just not cutting it anymore.  So there is a color run coming to our big city in the fall or almost the fall.  I told G about it, and she said she wanted to do it.  I have been trying to explain to G that if I am to do this, I need to start very very slowly and train up. First, I need a new pair of shoes because the shoes I have hurt my calves and numb my toes.  I thought at first the numbing was due to thick socks but after yesterday I decided it is the shoes.

So I think G and I will head out on Saturday to purchase me new running shoes and probably 1 pair for her as well since her school shoes look like a tiny animal has nibbled on them.  I don't know how she tears them up exactly other than never untying them.  She never unties them once she gets a good tie in her laces.  She is so hard on her shoes though they do get her through a full year of school.

The first night we walked, G reminded me how I had lost weight while working at the dr office, but that was due to being in a hostile work environment feeling threatened everyday.  I don't want to lose weight like that again ever.

I used to run before G came home and tried after but she hated the jogging stroller.  I figured I would wait her out and pick it up later.  Of course in the mean time a long struggle commenced and my own genetics fought me.  I also love all the wrong foods, like breads and pastas and sauces.  But even when I did run I was never one of those skinny girls.  I did fit my clothes better, and I could walk up 3 flights of stairs without feeling like my heart will burst.  I also participated in races from 5ks to marathons, but truly came to loathe races.  That was another reason giving running up was easy for me, I came to detest racing.  It was never about truly competing because I never really could.  I just disliked them.

So hopefully G will come to understand that she and I together can live a bit healthier by starting slow and working up to this color run and if I focus on the fun part of it and not the race part of it, we may be fine.  Her competitive spirit might work against us but maybe if we can get this one under our belts she may swing to like running and I will like it again.


Simply Linda Sue said...

I love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your family with us.


Simply Linda Sue said...

Love reading your posts and have since you adopted G and we adopted our 2 boys! Thank you for sharing your family with us!


Vivian M said...

I think it is great if you both can go running together and motivate each other! Kerri likes to run, but unfortunately neither her daddy nor I are in any shape to run with her.