Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Times

Not really but I have to tell this painfully funny tale on myself.  Wednesday I stayed home from work to pick G and her friend up from VBS.  So glad I have a job that allows me to have PTO.  So after feeding them lunch I took about an hour long nap even with all the girly giggles going on.  At 3 or so G put in a movie that was so very loud I had to get up, couldn't sleep with HP roaring in the LR.  I decided I needed a pick me up in the form of coffee because I was still tired and we had evening VBS later.

My coffee maker is a French press which requires boiling water.  So I boiled the water and poured it over the coffee to steep.  I had read somewhere that it really only needs to steep about 5 minutes or so but in the morning when I make the coffee it steeps a lot longer, while we get ready for work/school.

But this afternoon I decided to pour up after 5 minutes.  So I picked up my coffee cup (no handle) and began to pour.  Then I felt something hurting my thumb.  So I put down the press and my mug, picked both back up thinking I was readjusting to pot not to spill out only to do it again, this time for longer and with more coffee spilling out.  It took about a second to realize what was happening and I couldn't drop anything.

So basically, I stupidly, not once but twice, poured hot boiling coffee over my thumb.  I quickly stuck my now on fire thumb under the cold faucet and then put aloe on it. It hurt all night, and it still blistered despite my best efforts. I kept putting the aloe on it and tried to protect it.  I bandaged it that night and yesterday to keep it from bursting.

Well, it burst this morning.  So now I have a band-aid and medicine on it to protect that new skin.  And it is still pretty soar.  Graceful is not my name.

Besides battling boiling coffee, I am battling ants all around the kitchen and bathroom.  I had to get some ant killer but they are still being spotted.  Stupid bugs haven't quite died yet.  We have had so much rain and overcast days that the mosquitoes are really bad too.  Ah, summer weather, it is coming.  We have had a relatively hot spring even with the rain.  It actually causes it to be stuffy, not cool.

G spent last night with my parents.  Today is the last day for VBS.  She has one summer camp, not overnight in July.  Sometime this summer she will go with my parents to visit some cousins.  Hopefully, my cousin and I can arrange a sleep over for a couple of days with her daughter and G.  Keeping both girls busy would be ideal.  Plus, what can go wrong with family?

We may killz the house over July 4th.  We haven't any other plans right now.  I have quite a bit of patch work to do on the walls and not exactly sure I can do it in a weekend.  I am so impressed when people knock out a room in a weekend, it just seems to take me so much longer!  I think we need to get the house killzed before we pick a color since I really didn't like any of the colors I picked last time.

So those are the tentative summer plans.  I get to see my mom for the first time after her surgery.  Have I mentioned that I am squeamish?  I am.  Thinking about her surgery causes my insides to act all funny.  I suppose in a pinch I could manage care, but I am so glad my dad is there to do it.  Maybe it is just that it is on my mom that makes me squeamish.  Getting old with all the ailments just is no fun.

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Vivian M said...

I am so sorry to hear about your thumb! (You must have been really sleepy). Hope it heals fast and doesn't hurt anymore.
I don't do bugs...ants would make me squeamish! I hope you can get rid of them soon, because they can ruin pantry items. :(
Have a great weekend and Father's Day and I hope your mom is doing better!