Thursday, June 05, 2014

Last Day of 4th Grade

Here is the 1st day of 4th grade post.  And as the wonderful mom I am, I got no pictures of her on her way to school this morning.  She did however want to see what shirt she wore on the first day and wore it again today.  I had my dad take an after the last day of school picture.

And the picture is very blurry so maybe next year.  G wants about 5 inches of that hair cut and I am not really wanting to do that.  She keeps telling me that I can cut it and though I can cut it, it wouldn't be straight. ;}

So she is hanging out with my parents tonight so I can get to work early tomorrow.  Next week is full of VBS, two churches.  My mom's second surgery is on Wednesday so I am taking off to pick G and her friend up from one VBS to let them have lunch and play until another VBS starts.  Should be a fun week for the girls.

Now I am the mom of a 5th grader, how did that happen?


Vivian M said...

Congrats Miss G!!!! Hope you have a fantastic summer!
We will be keeping your Mom in our prayers, especially on Wednesday.
Have a great weekend!

jennifer said...

Woohoo to the end of the 4th grade! I can't believe we will have 5th graders. Have a wonderful summer. Keeping you and everyone in your family in my prayers!

Vicki said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog every now and then.
Yep. Time is moving along. I have a 6th grader?!