Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday Night Fireworks

Waiting for the concert to begin, blocking the sun
Michael W. Smith plays Heroes with the Bellvue Baptist Orchestra
Enough photos please.  She said, "Why do you always have to take pictures?"
Jumbotron picture of MWS

We decided to go watch a free concert and fireworks display Sunday night.  We had thunderstorms and lots of rain Saturday into Sunday morning with flooding and low church attendance because of it.  Lightening struck a section of town knocking out two gas stations' gas pumps too.  But after I got a nap we jumped to it and drove over.  I packed up two pizza lunchables for dinner.  G loves them; I cannot believe anyone could ever like them.  AWFUL pasteboard pizza round, 3 pepperonis, some cheese with a whole lot of sauce, bleh!  And oreo cookies for dessert.  I don't like oreo cookies.  I couldn't find a sandwich lunchable for me though so I made due.

Even though we were fairly close to the stage, it was still like watching ants.  Having an ancient for technology blackberry didn't help get great pictures.  There was a drone filming above us too which really freaked me out.   I try to not be a conspiracy type person but this was at a very large conservative church on the grounds, I just fought to keep my mind from going there.  I definitely felt very exposed.

Getting out of the parking lot I thought would be terrible but it actually wasn't bad and we made it home by 11pm.  Thankful this is a short week.

Happy 4th, America!

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Vivian M said...

And here I thought you didn't take enough pictures, lol!
Have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday!