Monday, June 09, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Managed to get the yard mowed Saturday before the thunderstorms moved in.  G decided she didn't wish to earn $20 so she didn't mow.  We had gone to Freds to purchase a frame big enough for the painting G had done at school but they didn't have one so we bought a cheap framed "art" piece to re-purpose.  Then we filled up the gas can and when we came back home I was in the mowing mood.  G wanted to wait until later but when the mood struck I got to work.

After mowing and resting and fixing the late dinner/lunch combination, I re-purposed the "art" piece framing G's painting.  It is now hanging in the kitchen above the pass through.  Sad thing is the picture fit the frame lengthwise but I had to use strips of construction paper on either side for the width of the frame.  Odd painting piece was 12 X 18 and not easily framed.  Technically, she isn't finished with the painting and didn't take my suggestions as how to quickly finish it using crayons so I framed it unfinished.

Despite G not mowing she still has 7 mosquito bites on her arm/legs.  She got the leg bites from spraying the mosquito spray in the yard.  Ironic, huh?
This is the painting. She has become a HP fan big time. We even found a local Hogwarts summer camp for a week in July.  She decided last night that going to camp would be fun, so apparently her not wanting to go to camp where she didn't know anyone ended when she heard about other friends going to other camps this summer.

She is also a super fan of Minecraft and even of some "superstar" youtube video creators who teach tricks etc for Minecraft.  She found and figured out how to install a  Hogswart Map which I think even has Hogsmeade in it but am not sure.  She was showing me all around it yesterday on the way to and from a family reunion.  I get dizzy looking at Minecraft which is something G just doesn't understand.  Generation gap happening in our little family twosome.  I suspect however my dad would be able to follow her and her minecraft game.

VBS started last night at our church and this morning at my mom/dad's church.  G is going to both.  I am on kitchen/snack duty at ours.  It is good for her to be there, learn about our faith and see her friends.  I think the camp later this summer will be fun for her as well as give her a break from her friends from school for a different perspective.  She will be one of the older kids at the camp.

My mom is having the reconstructive part of her surgery this Wed.  I am taking off work for logistical reasons mainly.  Pray that my mom doesn't get sick.  The last surgery she was under a "twilight" med.  This Wed will be the full anesthesia that makes her sick normally.  Please pray that she will not be sick as that is what she is most afraid of.  Pray for the surgeon's skilled hands to close the hole from the melanoma and that there will not need to be any chemo or other follow up treatments.

I will update when I know something and that may or may not be Wed or Thursday.

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Vivian M said...

Praying, praying, praying!!! I will be thinking of you all.

By the way, LOVE the HP framed picture! Kerri is a huge fan too.