Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Room Down

No pictures this time.  Friday night we cleaned, moved furniture and taped off the dining room.  Saturday morning against my will I was up by 6am and had G up by 20 mins to 7 for breakfast.  We were painting by 7:30am.  We took a grocery store break between the kilz and color.  While I fixed lunch G started cutting in around the floor boards with color.  We were done with the room and had the big things back together by 5:30 when G was able to start a movie for the evening.  Next room will the front room but not this weekend.
We are supposed to get rain this week so I will need to mow this weekend instead of paint plus I can't do three weekends in a row.  I have decided that I will extend the blue living room color into the front room which is full of windows so lots of cutting in and taping which takes the longest.

I took no pictures but when I have everything back together I will do so for both rooms.  I just have so much stuff that I want to throw things away and not even take the time to sort and give away or put back up.

I did decide that I have way too many pictures of G, so much so that I have hardly any room for new ones. That's okay, she is my baby and I don't believe she ever takes a bad picture.

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Vivian M said...

Wow you guys are busy this summer! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. :)