Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For 10 Days

I have the house to myself.  G is on her adventure with my parents to visit cousins in the east.  My dad has planned some extra activities on the way for just the three of them.  And they have already lost my mom. They found her, but here is the difference between a normal mind and hers: the three of them after lunch at a rest area went to the bathrooms.  Apparently, this rest area had front and back parking areas.  When my dad and G came out they headed to the car to wait.  When my mom came out she inadvertently turned the wrong way into the wrong side of the parking lot.  Instead of realizing her mistake and going back to the front, she stayed there.

I have no idea what she thought, but suffice it to say she was gone long enough that my dad and G had to go look for her.  She told G that she was a bit scared.  I would imagine she was more than a bit scared.  When G told me the story, I simply asked her from now on to stay in the bathroom until she and Grammie can come out together.

So the next drama on their trip is the car charger to her DVD player broke in my dad's car while charging.  His charging spot apparently eats the metal part that plugs into the car.  Last year it ate G's DS car charger.  Of course we didn't realize what was happening until now.  I am not very happy that a car charger breaks so easily.

Anyway, they are going to visit the home of Thomas Jefferson tomorrow sometime and then on to the family visit.  In the meantime, back at the homestead, I have a yard to mow since in actuality I didn't get it mowed on Friday due to the ability to pre-set posts.  We were actually on the highway in 2 different traffic jams when my pre-posted blog went live with my comment about going out to mow.

I was also planning on painting the hall but may wait on that.  I am definitely getting my hair cut but am not yet sure what style to do yet.  I have an idea but I think I maybe too old for the cut.  I have been wearing my hair in a bun lately, keeps it off my neck and out of my face.  I have been so tired lately that even in the morning I am waking up and having to remind myself what day it is while still in a stupor.

I must mention that Tuesday before my parents came to pick G up we were in the kitchen and she was willingly holding my hand.  It was sweet.  She wallows on me when I sit beside her on the couch which, I am not gonna lie, bothers me to death.  Just so much contact I can hardly stand it.  But she has been holding my hand as we go in parking lots for ages and still does so even at age 10.  Coming up to this trip, she has been holding my hand even not in parking lots.  I enjoy that.  When I don't enjoy it, I try to remind myself that it won't be too far away before she won't want to do hold my hand.

I miss her already.  She will have a great time though and hopefully learn something new.


Vivian M said...

I am so glad your mom was found safe! I hope you take advantage and get some quality you time in, nap, and pamper yourself a bit. Looking forward to hearing all about Miss G's adventures!

Briana's Mom said...

Hope you are enjoying your "me" time! I'm sure you miss your girl, but I know I enjoy my "me" time every once in a while!