Monday, July 07, 2014

July 4th and 5th

Beginning the patchwork on the cracks formed by house settling.

still patching

after the white kilz went on we started the color Saturday afternoon

we picked blue but a different blue than before. I had actually decided against blue but G was having none of it. We had to have blue. The mint green will be on the dining room which we will do this coming weekend and then labor day we will paint the kitchen.
Sitting down in the newly painted but not yet put back together living room G says, "It looks like a bedroom." Another G verdict however was that it is "cozy." G asked me what would happen if we didn't like the color we picked and I told her we would learn to like it since we aren't painting for another 7 years or so.

Luckily, I had most everything I needed to paint but I did pick up a few things at Wally's World on Thursday. G had spent two nights with our cousin so I picked her up after work thinking we would be able to start organizing the living room to patch the walls Thursday. We, however, didn't leave my cousin's house until 6pm. I had gotten off work at noon on Thursday. We woke up not early on Friday but early enough to get all of the room kilz'ed except for the cutting in, because we ran out of paint.

Saturday we had to get more kilz and pick color. We ended up getting another blue color for the l.r. and a green for the dining room. I have a swatch reference for the kitchen but I haven't gotten the paint yet. I ended up with an extra gallon of blue paint because I thought the living room would take at least a gallon 1/2 but it only took a gallon. The kilz took a gallon and 1/2; we only initially had 1 gallon.  I now have some to get started on the dining room but will require another gallon to finish I suspect.  I will save the blue for my bedroom or maybe paint the front room the same as the living room.

The worst part of painting is the prep. G did wonderfully well. She taped off, got on the ladder fine, cut in, never complained and even patched in the beginning until her arms got tired. We had 23+ cracks in the sheet rock from the house settling. All of the patches aren't completed. I didn't actually patch my room because I need more than spackling. I have to get something to cover the 1" wide 2' long crack over my closet door.

Most of the stuff is back in the living room.  Some stuff I would prefer to get rid of or find a new place for but someone, I am not naming names **cough**G**cough**, doesn't wish to get rid of anything.  She comes by it honestly as my mother reminded me.

So we are all back at work and not another holiday until September.  After we finish the kitchen we will begin to plan to paint the bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, hall and front room.  Just seems so overwhelming particularly the bedrooms.


jennifer said...

G looks so much older in that first picture. You guys can come over and prep and paint my house if you would like ;).

Vivian M said...

Wow that is awesome! It is a pretty color. And Kerri doesn't want to get rid of anything either. She has a good memory so I can't even make things disappear.