Thursday, July 24, 2014


Our sunflowers.  These came back from last year.  I was hoping for a giant and it looks like I got one giant out of the bunch.  At least we can make the flowers live.  Bilbo died Monday night. #hatingpets #nottrulysad

I blame the polar vortex from last week.  Temps outside didn't get up to the normal 100s and the temp in the house didn't get above 70.  Plus I like to keep it at 72-75 (when I am not there)  Apparently betas like warmer water between 75-80.  I also just think this fish wasn't right from the get go.  He just never seemed to get over being transferred to our house.  He never really seemed to eat either.  If he had died within the 1st 30 days I could have returned him for a refund but after 60 I probably can't. #wasted8dollars

We tried to save him by putting a lamp on him but he was gone Tuesday morning.  G got him out of the tank on her own.  Now he is in the freezer in a baggy and has already scared me by jumping out at me once.  When G decides if we can bury him or throw him away, he will come out of my freezer.  #zombiefish

I told her we can get another when she gets back from her 2 week holiday coming up soon.  In the meantime, she is thoroughly enjoying her Hogwarts education for the week.

She has a wand, made a mandrake plant, couple of magic tricks, a dragon egg, a paper owl for messages and will make a marauder's map and take their Ordinary Wizarding Levels or OWLS tomorrow.  Plus they had potions yesterday, had butterbeer, had a chocolate cupcake baked as a cauldron with green pudding, been sorted into houses, earned points for the house, lost points for talking during potions and generally has had a great experience.

It is exciting to see her after classes each day to hear about her time there.  I am very glad she wanted to do this and is doing it by herself.  She has no friends from home there with her.  I wish I could get her to this private school daily (where the summer camp is being held) but she says she doesn't want to go to this school.  I suppose she would miss her friends from home to much.

So that is the end of the updates so far.  This week is seeming to never end, seems to be dragging.  I am totally ready for the weekend.

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Vivian M said...

Pretty flowers! So glad Miss G is enjoying her camp experience. :)