Thursday, August 28, 2014

Changed My Mind

About posting the ALS challenge videos because in an effort to remain somewhat anonymous there were too many details in the video to change that. Plus I didn't have permission to do so from the company though our company put it up on their website.

That Friday afternoon when I came home G told me that she heard about a friend of hers doing it so she wanted to also do the challenge.  Sunday we made her video and I accidentally used her full name so now I can't put that one up either.  Then I told her she had to donate and she looked at me like I had 3 heads.  She did donate and I added a note to say the donation may not be used on embryonic stem cells.  That will I am sure be ignored but I found out that one of the big research giants getting the money does do that after I committed to participating.  So, there's that...

In other news, I am applying for a position close to home and would appreciate your prayers.  There are formal interviews to complete but I do not have a good feeling about it.  Yes, I can do the job and do it well.  However, I am obviously not the only one that can do so.  I also do not wish to feel slighted or overly disappointed if I do not get the position.  It would be absolutely ideal for my and G's situation but it would also be ideal for another of the interviewees that I know of.

I think we are going to paint the kitchen this long labor day weekend if I can stand the mess in the kitchen through Sunday.  There is just something about a disordered kitchen that I can't stand.  At least within my little cooking/prep area I need it to be organized.  Some of the other areas I can have out of order a bit.  I am so tired, totally my fault, but my being tired may not make this painting thing go well.  And the whole Monday holiday is hurting.  I need the days to be together because Sunday is a day of rest so for at least until after my nap no work will be done, heh.  We will get it done.

I am also taking my mom for her hair cut because she wants one and my dad's response to her was, "you don't need one."  So I made her appt and will pick her up and take her.  Basically, all this to say, no late night movie in bed on Friday because early Saturday is a requirement.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Difficult Morning for Day 3

WOW!  So somehow I forgot to turn my alarm on last night on top of G going into tail spin and getting my FULL ATTENTION in a way she didn't necessarily want.  Then around 9 pm I had decided to forgo reading in order to sleep.  I have been more than tired this week. (I do know why but can't do anything about it really).  So as the lights were off I said something to G since I knew she wasn't asleep and that opened up a long narrative from her about school from which I concluded it's not all bad.

Of course I knew it wasn't but because she suddenly needed to tell me everything, neither of us fell asleep until 10 or so, and I forgot to turn on the alarm. At 6:43 this morning I realized the lateness of the hour and the missed alarm.  We both apparently needed the sleep though it just causes me full panic when I do that.

So I made her get up and get dressed as I fixed her cereal and bacon, as she needs protein in the morning for school, and I frantically got us out the door on time.  She pointed out to me that we weren't late while I was taking her to school but my anxiety was still racing even then.

Normally the weekday routine is that I get up at 6 a.m., fix my breakfast and get hers fixed all the while enjoying a quiet 30 or more minutes of uninterrupted reading of the news headlines for the day.  Then when her breakfast is ready usually about 6:40 a.m. or 6:45 a.m. I wake her up and give her 20 mins to eat.  Then while she is eating breakfast I make lunches and clean the kitchen.  Usually after we are both ready for school/work, G will have about 20 mins or so to play on-line games and me 20 mins to drink coffee.

When I lose 43 minutes in the morning I am an anxious wreck.  Yes, we could readjust the schedule to always wake up later, but I think we both generally enjoy the time before we leave to play or drink coffee.  She has p.e. today so she was forced to wear tennis shoes.  It took her a while to get the shoes just right as far as looseness is concerned.  I mean she has been practically barefooted all summer, shoes are so constraining you know.

So that was our morning. She has GAs tonight.  I have choir.  We meet back at home and hopefully she will have her homework completed and her 30 min reading done.  Wednesday nights are the longest night of the week for us.

Now our office has been given the ALS challenge.  It is set up for this Friday and as soon as a video is posted I will post the link.  I agreed to participate and donate.  We have a matching donation from work.  Thankfully, the temp outside will be so hot that the ice water will be welcome.  A lady with whom I went to church had ALS.  I have lost touch with the family but when I knew her she was already in a wheel chair without the ability to speak.  Every Sunday night from the time of her diagnosis, a faithful group would pray for her.  It is such a terrible disease so this is a worthy cause.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School Blues

As told to me by G made into a poem by me:

Angst of a 5th Grader's 1st Day

Worst day ever, homework given
Not fair, she hates us.

No friends, we did stuff
Pull me out, because you must.

Thank you, thank you, no autographs please.  heh, Yeah I know it doesn't rhyme.  But basically that was the gist of G's day.  Her teacher, prior to school starting even,  said point blank to all parents of all kids she would teach whether for homeroom or literacy/reading class that a 30 minute reading requirement would be a nightly thing on top of any other homework. We had to sign an agreement to help with that.  But since all the classes didn't switch classes she assigned the first night of reading to her homeroom only.  No other teacher assigned any homework.

And one kid in G's homeroom tested on AR even though he wasn't supposed to.  Some kids follow rules and some don't.  He has 15 points but G won't finish a book she started last year that is worth 29 points so she complains about how unfair it is that he tested when he wasn't supposed too.  I told her, tongue in cheek, to just quit now and don't try to get AR points.  Just to call it a year and be done.  #competitionstartsearly

She is also just giving me one word answers to questions about her day and school.  One boy in her class speaks no English and won't be required to.  Double duty for the teacher who happens to be fluent in Spanish.  Probably an immigrant from the most recent Obama crisis on the border. #notObamasfan

Another boy is 12 in her 5th grade homeroom and yes that is 2 years older than most of the other 5th graders at least in her cluster. She claims she doesn't know him from earlier years either.  I told her to stay away from him.  She said he already spoke to her.  I asked what he said and she said, "he asked me if I understood what he said." "He" in this question being the non-English speaker because G is Chinese you know and for some kids that equates to being Hispanic and understanding Spanish, of course, 0_o  #theyalllookalike

I reassured G last night to just give the teacher a chance.  G knows I have her back but the actual switching of classes and being taught hasn't even really gotten started yet.  She doesn't even know the rules of the other teachers yet.  Maybe if this other thing works out then next year she can home school but right now this is it for her for another year.  #publicschoolangst

Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Day of 5th Grade

1st day of 5th grade.  She looks so grown up to me.  She also is a little stopped up with a wee bit of swollen eyes.  There is a front of some sort coming through, from which both G and I are suffering.  I gave her an allergy pill so she wouldn't have to suffer so badly at school.  

She was not looking forward to school because she has decided her homeroom teacher will be mean because of the reading requirement.  Several of the documents G had to sign she kept trying to refuse so I told her to sign them and write "in objection" to them.  On one she signed her name in pen and wrote very lightly in pencil "in objection."  I told her that didn't count.  I told her that her adding "in objection" would let her teacher know that she had an independent thoughtful mind.  G has no problem letting me know that but her teachers on the other hand, not so much.

She sadly doesn't have any of her good friends in homeroom with her and at least one friend is only two classes.  She said she is going to have a miserable lunch.  I pray she doesn't.  It seems her seat is in the back behind a tall boy in the midst of boys.  I warned her to not get distracted by the other kids in her class and just pay attention to the teacher.  I also reminded her that just because no child is supposed to take things from other children doesn't mean they won't.  Last year, she would leave things on her desk and then they would "disappear" and later someone would show up with that item.  She managed to get two things back but not without difficulty.  

She is just so very young and in one sense I am glad but then sometimes I am afraid she will get lost in a sea of more worldly wise kids.   Can't wait to hear all about her her first day as soon as I get home from work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

G's Home Again

They got off the river about 3 p.m. yesterday and were home by 5 p.m.  When I got home after work to check on things, get the mail, and take the trash out, my dad and G were there with the air guys.  New outside unit.  Still hotter out than in even though temp was 72 this morning when I stopped by to drop off my dirty clothes and coffee supplies from spending the nights at my dad's.  So I don't know if the air is really fixed or if the mornings are just so much more cool right now.

G had a great time canoeing down the Spring river.  She hung her feet over the side and they didn't tip once.  Of course they almost went over a 4ft rapid which scared G because my dad had told her about the time he and one of my brothers flipped over in the same rapid, he thought.  So before they went over, he pulled the canoe out and they walked over rocks I guess on the side.  No it wouldn't have hurt them badly but maybe a few bruises and scratches.  Although a member of an earlier crew did get hurt and had to be rescued.  My dad said G had a lot of power when she helped to paddle.

So she starts back to school Monday. She was so very tired this morning she couldn't even wake up enough before I left for work.  I hung out until 7 a.m. but bless her, she couldn't do it.  So I will see her tonight after she goes to GAs and finds out if all her friends will be back in school with her or if any are moving to a new/different school.

Meet the teacher night is tomorrow night.  G is allowed to come to this one.  In the past the kids have been discouraged from attending with parents, but people brought all the kids anyway and some brought cousins and play cousins with aunts and uncles.  I don't think G is excited about starting school this year.  Actually, she told me August 18 is too early.

I am still worrying and praying about future schooling and getting her out of Common Core which our state has embraced wholeheartedly.  Common Core is dangerous and getting more so.  Anyway there may or may not be a change on the horizon of which I will speak maybe next week.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

She's Home and Gone Again

They got back from their trip on Friday, and today they are leaving again in different directions.  My mom is heading to a city with 2 friends.  My dad is taking my daughter to float a river in our state.  I am watching both houses which this week isn't a big deal since my air conditioner decided to give up the ghost last Thursday morning around 3:30 am #firstworldproblems.

Here is how it breaks down. Around 3:30 in the morning the sound of the air blowing woke me up, but I was burning up.  Too tired/lazy to get out of bed and check it, I waited until the alarm went off at 6 am.  I then looked at the thermostat that read 78 degrees at 6 am.  The temp in summer is set between 72 and 74 on a programmable thermostat.  Thursday night I stayed at my parent's house which had already been planned so that I could feed my mom's hummingbirds.

I called my dad, after hurrying out of the house to work for air, to find out who to call.  We have two different businesses my dad has used in the past, but one of them he has used the last 3 summers this has happened.  I call the correct business and schedule them to come out Friday afternoon which meant leaving work at 2 pm Friday.  No big deal for me; in the meantime, Dad, Mom and G made it home so that when I got to the house Friday afternoon Dad and G were able to meet me.  Dad wanted to talk to the air people, and G just needed her mama #sogladsheshome.

Well, we thought the air is fixed so G and I stay at home Friday.  Saturday morning we grab my mom and go back-to-school shopping, HURRAH!  Two reasons we took my mom, 1) is because we always do and 2) because she had a trip planned and if we didn't take her, she would worry my dad to death about packing for her trip.  We came back to my house after school and grocery shopping to put up the cold things then headed to my mom's so I could do her laundry and get her ready for her trip.  Around 4:30 G and I came back to our house for dinner, and to watch a new (to us) movie and to play the Game of Life (which G learned how to play at her cousin's).  #notafan

Walking into the house Saturday afternoon we discovered that the air conditioner was blowing heat again and it was 78 degrees.  We stayed home anyway in the heat, with a fan and opened windows.  Sunday morning the temp in the house was 82.  Did I mention that so far this summer we have had an extremely cool summer at least until August hit and now the temps are in the roaring 90s?  Seriously in the shade outside my house was cooler than in our house.  #summersrevenge

After church, we packed everything we could and headed to mom's again.  I was able to get my nap in #eleventhcommandment which was disturbed after hearing my dad tell my mom and G to come see the bobcat with the rabbit it caught IN THEIR FRONT YARD!!  It wasn't even 20 feet from their house!  So now I am spending the nights at my parent's while my dad gets the air guys to take care of our house and while my dad and G are floating the river.  My mom will be with two of her friends in a big city and I will be caring for the hummingbirds while keeping a watch out for a wild bobcat.  yea me... #toomuchnature

G told me Saturday night, after learning that my maternal grandmother never had air conditioner at all in her house, that she must have lived a miserable life.  I realize that it is what you get used to and we are used to air.  Both of us were totally congested after sleeping in the heat, and though showered, I felt stinky all night and all Sunday during church.  I just warned people to stay away from me, heh.  #fullbodyantiperspirantneeded

So now, it is Monday again.  Hopefully all of them will be safe and have an excellent time doing their excitingly different trips.  G asked what happens if she falls out of the canoe and I told her that if she listened and minded my dad she wouldn't to which he responded, "if you don't fall out of the boat it won't be any fun."  Well, alrighty then.  If you, dear reader, think about my family, please pray for a good time, safety and a safe return for them.