Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Day of 5th Grade

1st day of 5th grade.  She looks so grown up to me.  She also is a little stopped up with a wee bit of swollen eyes.  There is a front of some sort coming through, from which both G and I are suffering.  I gave her an allergy pill so she wouldn't have to suffer so badly at school.  

She was not looking forward to school because she has decided her homeroom teacher will be mean because of the reading requirement.  Several of the documents G had to sign she kept trying to refuse so I told her to sign them and write "in objection" to them.  On one she signed her name in pen and wrote very lightly in pencil "in objection."  I told her that didn't count.  I told her that her adding "in objection" would let her teacher know that she had an independent thoughtful mind.  G has no problem letting me know that but her teachers on the other hand, not so much.

She sadly doesn't have any of her good friends in homeroom with her and at least one friend is only two classes.  She said she is going to have a miserable lunch.  I pray she doesn't.  It seems her seat is in the back behind a tall boy in the midst of boys.  I warned her to not get distracted by the other kids in her class and just pay attention to the teacher.  I also reminded her that just because no child is supposed to take things from other children doesn't mean they won't.  Last year, she would leave things on her desk and then they would "disappear" and later someone would show up with that item.  She managed to get two things back but not without difficulty.  

She is just so very young and in one sense I am glad but then sometimes I am afraid she will get lost in a sea of more worldly wise kids.   Can't wait to hear all about her her first day as soon as I get home from work.


jennifer said...

I hope that G has a wonderful year and will find plenty of new friends. I hope you have a good school year as well :).

Vivian M said...

I wrote Kerri's name on everything. That way Kerri could identify what was hers. It didn't stop kids from taking her stuff, but it helped her recover some of it.
I hope Miss G makes new friends in her class this year!
PS, get well soon!