Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School Blues

As told to me by G made into a poem by me:

Angst of a 5th Grader's 1st Day

Worst day ever, homework given
Not fair, she hates us.

No friends, we did stuff
Pull me out, because you must.

Thank you, thank you, no autographs please.  heh, Yeah I know it doesn't rhyme.  But basically that was the gist of G's day.  Her teacher, prior to school starting even,  said point blank to all parents of all kids she would teach whether for homeroom or literacy/reading class that a 30 minute reading requirement would be a nightly thing on top of any other homework. We had to sign an agreement to help with that.  But since all the classes didn't switch classes she assigned the first night of reading to her homeroom only.  No other teacher assigned any homework.

And one kid in G's homeroom tested on AR even though he wasn't supposed to.  Some kids follow rules and some don't.  He has 15 points but G won't finish a book she started last year that is worth 29 points so she complains about how unfair it is that he tested when he wasn't supposed too.  I told her, tongue in cheek, to just quit now and don't try to get AR points.  Just to call it a year and be done.  #competitionstartsearly

She is also just giving me one word answers to questions about her day and school.  One boy in her class speaks no English and won't be required to.  Double duty for the teacher who happens to be fluent in Spanish.  Probably an immigrant from the most recent Obama crisis on the border. #notObamasfan

Another boy is 12 in her 5th grade homeroom and yes that is 2 years older than most of the other 5th graders at least in her cluster. She claims she doesn't know him from earlier years either.  I told her to stay away from him.  She said he already spoke to her.  I asked what he said and she said, "he asked me if I understood what he said." "He" in this question being the non-English speaker because G is Chinese you know and for some kids that equates to being Hispanic and understanding Spanish, of course, 0_o  #theyalllookalike

I reassured G last night to just give the teacher a chance.  G knows I have her back but the actual switching of classes and being taught hasn't even really gotten started yet.  She doesn't even know the rules of the other teachers yet.  Maybe if this other thing works out then next year she can home school but right now this is it for her for another year.  #publicschoolangst


Vivian M said...

Rough first day, but you never know, it may work out....hoping and praying she has a good year!

Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like she had a tough day. Really hoping it gets better!!