Wednesday, August 13, 2014

G's Home Again

They got off the river about 3 p.m. yesterday and were home by 5 p.m.  When I got home after work to check on things, get the mail, and take the trash out, my dad and G were there with the air guys.  New outside unit.  Still hotter out than in even though temp was 72 this morning when I stopped by to drop off my dirty clothes and coffee supplies from spending the nights at my dad's.  So I don't know if the air is really fixed or if the mornings are just so much more cool right now.

G had a great time canoeing down the Spring river.  She hung her feet over the side and they didn't tip once.  Of course they almost went over a 4ft rapid which scared G because my dad had told her about the time he and one of my brothers flipped over in the same rapid, he thought.  So before they went over, he pulled the canoe out and they walked over rocks I guess on the side.  No it wouldn't have hurt them badly but maybe a few bruises and scratches.  Although a member of an earlier crew did get hurt and had to be rescued.  My dad said G had a lot of power when she helped to paddle.

So she starts back to school Monday. She was so very tired this morning she couldn't even wake up enough before I left for work.  I hung out until 7 a.m. but bless her, she couldn't do it.  So I will see her tonight after she goes to GAs and finds out if all her friends will be back in school with her or if any are moving to a new/different school.

Meet the teacher night is tomorrow night.  G is allowed to come to this one.  In the past the kids have been discouraged from attending with parents, but people brought all the kids anyway and some brought cousins and play cousins with aunts and uncles.  I don't think G is excited about starting school this year.  Actually, she told me August 18 is too early.

I am still worrying and praying about future schooling and getting her out of Common Core which our state has embraced wholeheartedly.  Common Core is dangerous and getting more so.  Anyway there may or may not be a change on the horizon of which I will speak maybe next week.  

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Vivian M said...

Sounds like Miss G had quite the adventure rafting! Wishing her a great first day of school, and hopefully a wonderful year.