Monday, August 11, 2014

She's Home and Gone Again

They got back from their trip on Friday, and today they are leaving again in different directions.  My mom is heading to a city with 2 friends.  My dad is taking my daughter to float a river in our state.  I am watching both houses which this week isn't a big deal since my air conditioner decided to give up the ghost last Thursday morning around 3:30 am #firstworldproblems.

Here is how it breaks down. Around 3:30 in the morning the sound of the air blowing woke me up, but I was burning up.  Too tired/lazy to get out of bed and check it, I waited until the alarm went off at 6 am.  I then looked at the thermostat that read 78 degrees at 6 am.  The temp in summer is set between 72 and 74 on a programmable thermostat.  Thursday night I stayed at my parent's house which had already been planned so that I could feed my mom's hummingbirds.

I called my dad, after hurrying out of the house to work for air, to find out who to call.  We have two different businesses my dad has used in the past, but one of them he has used the last 3 summers this has happened.  I call the correct business and schedule them to come out Friday afternoon which meant leaving work at 2 pm Friday.  No big deal for me; in the meantime, Dad, Mom and G made it home so that when I got to the house Friday afternoon Dad and G were able to meet me.  Dad wanted to talk to the air people, and G just needed her mama #sogladsheshome.

Well, we thought the air is fixed so G and I stay at home Friday.  Saturday morning we grab my mom and go back-to-school shopping, HURRAH!  Two reasons we took my mom, 1) is because we always do and 2) because she had a trip planned and if we didn't take her, she would worry my dad to death about packing for her trip.  We came back to my house after school and grocery shopping to put up the cold things then headed to my mom's so I could do her laundry and get her ready for her trip.  Around 4:30 G and I came back to our house for dinner, and to watch a new (to us) movie and to play the Game of Life (which G learned how to play at her cousin's).  #notafan

Walking into the house Saturday afternoon we discovered that the air conditioner was blowing heat again and it was 78 degrees.  We stayed home anyway in the heat, with a fan and opened windows.  Sunday morning the temp in the house was 82.  Did I mention that so far this summer we have had an extremely cool summer at least until August hit and now the temps are in the roaring 90s?  Seriously in the shade outside my house was cooler than in our house.  #summersrevenge

After church, we packed everything we could and headed to mom's again.  I was able to get my nap in #eleventhcommandment which was disturbed after hearing my dad tell my mom and G to come see the bobcat with the rabbit it caught IN THEIR FRONT YARD!!  It wasn't even 20 feet from their house!  So now I am spending the nights at my parent's while my dad gets the air guys to take care of our house and while my dad and G are floating the river.  My mom will be with two of her friends in a big city and I will be caring for the hummingbirds while keeping a watch out for a wild bobcat.  yea me... #toomuchnature

G told me Saturday night, after learning that my maternal grandmother never had air conditioner at all in her house, that she must have lived a miserable life.  I realize that it is what you get used to and we are used to air.  Both of us were totally congested after sleeping in the heat, and though showered, I felt stinky all night and all Sunday during church.  I just warned people to stay away from me, heh.  #fullbodyantiperspirantneeded

So now, it is Monday again.  Hopefully all of them will be safe and have an excellent time doing their excitingly different trips.  G asked what happens if she falls out of the canoe and I told her that if she listened and minded my dad she wouldn't to which he responded, "if you don't fall out of the boat it won't be any fun."  Well, alrighty then.  If you, dear reader, think about my family, please pray for a good time, safety and a safe return for them.


Vivian M said...

Ohhh I am miserable in the heat, it's why I love winter so much. I hope the AC repair isn't too costly and gets done right this time. So glad you have somewhere else to stay! (well, except for the too much nature part). Hope everyone has a fun and safe trip!

Briana's Mom said...

Hope your family has a great time this week!

Sorry about your air conditioning. I also stick my air on 72-74 degrees in the summer. I had to get my whole unit replaced last summer - grumble. My mom grew up without air conditioning in Miami, FL. It was totally miserable for her growing up - that is why she can't live without AC ever now!