Saturday, September 13, 2014

5k race

This morning G and I ran a 5k in support of a ministry here in town.  It was a color run and very cold. But we did it and I walked it talking to a lady that goes to my mom's church.  She finally figured out who we were and how she knew us.  It was fun.  Before we left the house see I made sure we both pottied up but just as soon as we picked up the packets, I had to go.  I was able to get through the wait and the race but still had to use the portopotties anyway.

G ended about 30 minutes before I did which was fine by me.  Over in just under 1 hour.  We did warm up so G was glad she didn't overdress.    Home again, homemade pizza for lunch, another pot of coffee for me and settled in for a movie.

 Laundry is taking forever it seems to me.  Regular Saturday stuff, you know.  Fixed dinner for my parents last night mainly to finish off the butternut squash soup G and I made from scratch last Saturday.  Perils of grocery shopping with a smart phone and butternut squash on sale.  I had nothing for the recipe I looked up while at the store at home except salt and pepper.  It was really good soup but then Sunday I decided what was really needed with it was sausage, cheese and sour dough bread.

The soup also took about 4 hours total.  While the squash roasted G and I organized my recipe collection. I love collecting recipes and recipe books though I don't ever have the stuff to make a recipe when I am hungry for something.  My collection looks nice and would be helpful for someone who loved cooking, heh.

So my parents did get the fire phones and of course my mom doesn't know nor will be able to learn how to use it well.  Dad will figure it out and help her along but she tried and couldn't call me this morning.  I spoke to her after the race and she told me how she was going to call me but picked up the old phone since she forgot about the new one already.  Of course the old didn't work and she panicked and couldn't even think how to call me.

Tomorrow is Sunday and our Bible study in Acts begins in earnest.  So excited.  Off to finish this movie now.  Have a great rest of the weekend from G and me.

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Vivian M said...

Congratulations to you both on completing your runs! That is awesome! It's getting colder here, some of that butternut squash soup sounds good right about now! ;)