Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I Love When A Plan Comes Together

Busy weekend, got everything done or about 95% of everything done.  Starting with Friday night's visit to the Wally World to purchase the paint, drop clothes, tape, rollers and roller pan, G managed to get the correct color even though I didn't have the sample I was carrying around with me forever actually with me when I needed it.  Friday night we took things out and taped up some of the kitchen.

Then Saturday morning we went to pick my mom up for her hair cut that my dad didn't think she needed.  Look how happy she is?  Yes, she did need it and now she looks 10 years younger.  Then since mom was with us we headed to get cleats for G for soccer.  We went to next largest city to us and struck out.  Then we headed down past big city into 3rd state to the SA which is always a dangerous place to go as far as I always spend too much money on "bargains."

We did however need help getting shin guards, and now they fit G well.  Apparently, left to my own devices the guards I would have had her buy would have been way too small.  And that is to point out just how un-sports-y I am.

While there we found a pair of new balance shoes on clearance, size 8 1/2 that G could wear.  My mom and I wear 8 1/2.  The shoe itself which G wore this morning really doesn't feel from the outside of it too big.  Maybe a little long but not much.  Width wise they fit well.  I told her if she didn't tear them up too much I would be able to wear them after she outgrew them.  She is really hard on shoes as she doesn't like to untie them to take them off or put them on.

We found a pair of cleats for under $50 YEA!  Yeah, cleats, that will be worn for 2x week for about 8 weeks or so  because if she plays next year she won't be able to wear these 6 1/2s.  And we saw a New Balance jacket for clearance $13.97 normally so very much more.  She should get two seasons out of it or wear it all year at school in the cold (to her) rooms.  Four things that cost way too much but in the overall scheme of things two were true bargains and two were necessary.

Then G and I took my mom to lunch at our fave restaurant then off to get cookies which was rather amusing, and had all three of us laughing over the un-decorated cookies of which we received 2 for free.  It was fun and a great inside joke that we told Grandad about when we made it home.

After returning to our home we completed the floor cleaning, clearing out and taping down of the kitchen and around 4:30 or 5 G said she wanted to paint.  This is Saturday night mind you, but we did it and finished it by 7:45 or so.  We even got the drop clothes picked up and I made dinner.  We ended up getting to bed after showers etc about 9:25pm.  All that painting and we even had almost 1/2 gallon left over.  I took the high part and G took the low part.  Over the cabinets were the worst due to the reach and standing on covered cabinets.

I took the picture of the colors together on Saturday night.  I hung up G's picture but that was all that we put up.  Sunday afternoon we cleaned out all the Tupperware I had from when I sold it and have a huge garbage bag to either sell or donate to a ministry.  Some of it has never been used and most are still matching sets.  I have vowed to store nothing over my cabinets again.  I love my color.  I love my kitchen it feels all new.

Monday we purchased a shelving unit to continue to get stuff put out of the way.  I emptied one three tiered drawer thing and organized quite a bit of stuff.  I got rid of a bunch of stuff too.  We now have 7 rooms left to paint.  Everything is so much more organized but I have to actually make the delivery of the stuff I have cleaned out.  We bought a new toaster oven because ours was just not cutting it.  I think I am going to dump the toaster as well.  I don't need it and haven't used it in over a year.

I even broke out the small cast iron skillet, cleaned and seasoned it to use to give us some iron in our diet.  I only typically cook bacon for G and sausage patties for me in the morning.  I haven't been using it since we had pets due to trying to keep it cat and dog hair/dust free, particularly since you aren't supposed to wash them.

Oh and the 5% I didn't get complete was my nap.  I really had planned to take one but ended up not doing it.  And now it is September my 44th is tomorrow.  YEA!  I feel that I have accomplished stuff with the painting and so I think celebrating this year will be worth it.  I don't feel like quite the failure I have in the past so I am looking forward to turning 44.  And yeah, I can't believe it is already September.  Where has the year gone?


Simply Linda Sue said...

Happy Birthday! You and our jewel from Taiwan share the same birthday!

Simply Linda Sue said...

Happy Birthday! You and our jewel from Taiwan share the same birthday!

Vivian M said...

Wow you all were busy! Love seeing the smile on your Mom's face. :)