Monday, September 15, 2014


If you use this link to order from Shutterfly for the first time you will receive 101 free prints, no expiration storage of photos and I will receive a small thanks for the referral.

 I personally love Shutterfly. They did not ask me to write this.  These are 100% my own thoughts about Shutterfly

I usually get all of my Christmas cards from them as well as photo books for trips or school year or whatever I happen to wish to make. The storage alone is worth ordering as most photo storage sites either charge or the storage is for a limited time. Projects sometimes will remain complete so you can re-order but sometimes the item may no longer be for sale. They do allow you to transfer project styles for like photo books.

 And cards and books are all I can speak to really. I have ordered regular pictures for regular photo albums or G's art projects but nothing else. So if you are interested, hit the links I have provided.

Thank you,

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Briana's Mom said...

I am a huge fan myself! Always happy with my items!