Tuesday, September 09, 2014

So How Fun Is This

Back in July, G and I (against everything I ever said about it*, shuddup) purchased new smart phones via Amazon.  We got "the deal" and have been fairly happy about it.  I not as much as G since she has been able to figure out a WHOLE LOT MORE of the phones and what they do than I have.  As I told my mom, the phone is way too smart for me.

Anyway, we have had the phones in our hands less than 60 days and the company dropped the price to basically free.  SAME DEAL: 2 year contract mandatory, free this and that.  Oh, I was fit to be tied until I called them last night and you know what?  They made it so very right.  We are even more happy now with the company's customer service.  They bought our loyalty.

I don't know how long this deal will go but if you have ATT already and are ready for a new phone then jump to the Amazon Fire phone.  I am not an i-phone type and don't really care for apple products per se, so this none apple phone fits us well.

My dad is even ready for a new phone so I encouraged him to purchase one for him and my mom.  I told G she could fix mom's phone to be able to see only what she needs, the address book, text and phone symbol.  The price is right and they are ATT customers already.  Another 2 years won't hurt much.  Maybe my mom doesn't need one.  They can share or she can have my dad's old phone.  She may or may not be in her right mind in 2 years so there is that.  My dad, I think, would be able to work it well and enjoy it.  Since we turn the data off and on when outside of wi-fi or not using the phones, we can manage the data costs better.  Dad would be able to do that as well.

*Now about the whole I said I would never buy G a phone, well, the words were bitter when I ate them.  I will admit getting her a phone has basically just turned into another game playing station.  So far she has been very careful with it thankfully.  And no she doesn't call or text anyone but me not even her grandparents for whatever reason I don't know.  They did come in handy when she was in VA so we could text and she could send me pictures of her adventures.  So the lesson to be careful what you say because you may eat those words is still being learned by me!

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Vivian M said...

Miss G sounds responsible and ready for a phone. Kerri would lose it within hours!
And yay for free!