Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Today is my Birthday

du dun nunnunah...

Oh well, you get it.  I woke G with a very loud and rousing rendition of Happy Birthday To ME!  She gave me many excuses of why she wouldn't be singing it to me so I thought I would invade her nightmares with my own song.  And yes, she had nightmares and fought me all night until about 5:30am when she started crying in her sleep.  Sadly, she doesn't remember any of them and even asked me what she was crying about.  "Yeah," I said, "I dunno."

So I have been reading John le Carre novels.  I watched, a while ago, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with  Gary Oldman playing George Smiley and Colin Firth playing Bill Hayden.  I will not spoil this if you have not seen it but if you choose to see it please be warned not to watch with children present unless you wish to spoil their innocence, and that is all I am going to say about that!  I will add that had they held true to the book for the characters, it would have made a better movie, IMHO.

Anyway, this year, I decided to look into the books that prompted the movie so I purchased TTSS from Amazon and now I am mainly hooked.  I finished the trilogy and started on The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.  So I have the main character in the hands of a Russian being taken to East Germany and then I decided I had better check the ending to make sure I will not be too disappointed.  Sadly, THE BOOK DOESN'T END RIGHT!!!  but now I am hooked and have to figure out how the character gets from where I am to the end.  And, no, reading the end of the book doesn't ruin the story for me because it isn't the ending but the journey I enjoy.

I have some other of his smaller books that came in yesterday that gives the background of George Smiley and since reading the trilogy I know he peacefully retires sort of.  G doesn't like to read the back of the book first.  For her the reading comes to the end.  She is re-reading the 6th HP book that she didn't get finished last year.  She also is reading a book for school, The Phantom Tollbooth or something like that.

So work is going to take me for lunch at the restaurant of my choice as they do for all employees.  I have had several people wish me happy birthday already which is nice but also in the back of me it is causing me to want to go hide in a hole.  I don't like attention though sometimes I act like I do, I really don't.  

So yeah, 44, middle aged, looking and feeling every bit of it.  I truly do not mind.


Vivian M said...

Happy 44th birthday!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!!