Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekend Updates

First and foremost, I didn't get my dream job. Obviously, for me, not God's will and I am trying not to be disappointed.

 Now on to the weekend updates: Saturday was very very busy. G had a car wash at 9 so I dropped her off and headed to the grocery store. Finished up there a bit after 10, rushed back to get G and take her to change into her soccer uniform then back to the soccer field by 11. We did make it there in time. She played, not her heart out because she was tired and had only 1 rest, but she played for 40 mins or so.

Then we grabbed my mom, went home to let G shower and change, then out shopping for the fall blue jeans. Let me say first that I dislike shopping with G. Last fall I discovered that she is so afraid that I won't buy her something when we go shopping that she will promise the moon in order to have me buy her new clothes. She loves tennis shoe shopping, and generally she loves shopping for her own clothes.

 Her style is jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. If I give a little she demands 30 miles. So if I think what we find she won't wear and try to reason with her about finding another store to look she promises that she will wear those jeans or whatever then within a week after purchase she is refusing with wailing and gnashing of teeth.

 So last year we headed to a store and walked out with 1 pair of pants for church and a few pair blue jeans. By 3 weeks into wearing the blue jeans and pants for church she was melting down about them being too tight with real tears. Oh and one pair she refused to wear because a little girl in her class had the same pair.

 I ended up purchasing some extra jeans on-line (clearance) but had to return them because they were too small to her even though they were 12P. We swapped them for size 14. By the way, she isn't a size 14, she is barely a 12. She just hates having clothing to touch her. She doesn't ever unbutton or unzip her pants to put them on or take them off.

 Anyway, she tore up the Sunday pants before the winter season had ended, and I made her wear them torn up because she did it in anger. She had wanted to wear blue jeans because one time I allowed her to do so in extreme cold; therefore, she tried to take the 30 miles and justify wearing jeans because of the 1 time I allowed it.

 I know, she is just being a kid. Even this Saturday she demanded to know why she can't wear one of her new darker blue jeans for church. The reason is because she will demand to do so every Sunday and throw back at me the fact that I allowed her to do so once. She will wear the black pants on Sunday. I can't and won't make her wear a dress (she is uncomfortable in them) but I can make her dress in her best which is black pants and long sleeve solid color shirt.

We are now on the look out for boots. So needless to say, I wasn't looking forward to shopping this Saturday, but my mom came along and we ended up being successful. I say that hesitatingly because she hasn't actually worn the jeans we bought. Living in the south, she can wear summer shorts for a much longer time, thankfully.

We went to 12 stores Saturday, 3 in our town and G refused to even consider any of the jeans. We then headed past big city to bigger than our town where we had lunch. Lunch helped knock out the lack of cooperation and grumpiness which made shopping a bit easier, thank you Fazoli's $5 lunch menu.

We found 1 pair of jeans and a pair of black pants for Sunday at Goodwill. We found 3 pair of jeans at a consignment shop, one of those being a size 8 husky (boys Levis) that were hung in the wrong place but that G tried on anyway and liked. I didn't even see the size until I washed them at home. It was best to let her take what I thought she could wear and try them on without input. She won't be wearing the huskys to school because the waist is so big that even pinning them doesn't work.  Oh and they don't cover the tops of her tennis shoes which she likes her jeans to do.

I told her those could be her Saturday lounge jeans. Everybody needs a pair of Saturday lounge jeans or outfit unless of course your Saturday is a church day then just a weekend outfit. She also told me this week that you can't wear flip flops with blue jeans, never mind that I do so about everyday.  We then found 2 pair of jeans (new) at the Gap outlet and paid more for the 2 pair (ON SALE EVEN) than for the 5 other pairs of jeans/pants combined.

We were unsuccessful with the search on shirts. There just weren't any solid color long sleeve shirts. I ended up ordering some long sleeve solid shirts on Justice online and Hanes online. I got them in size 16 so hopefully she won't complain even if there is a bit of shrinkage.

I had told her that she could wear the long sleeve shirts under her favorite t-shirts and not have to wear the tank undershirts. Now she has taken that to mean she will only wear them layered and no tanks. For Sunday she thinks she will get to wear her Sunday summer t-shirts over these long sleeve shirts which is not at all what I meant. I only meant for school purposes. I sense a long battle this winter with clothes and undershirts.

Oh and thank goodness fall is hear and winter is coming because she got green paint on her khaki summer Sunday shorts. She only had 2 pair of them and now one is totally ruined. I can't get the paint out. So I guess those are her new Saturday lounge shorts, heh.

After the Saturday shopping G and I treated my mom to Baskin Robins ice cream waffle cones and then home. G and I got home around 7ish, had supper and then to bed. Sunday I managed to get my nap in and then Bible study at church.

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Vivian M said...

Oh, I can sooo relate! Kerri begged for a leather jacket. I finally found a decent (fake) one at Wallymart for $25. She loved it. Wore it one day to school, and the girls told her she wasn't the "leather jacket type". Refused to ever wear it again. I forced her to wear it today and she went to school in tears, and walked in a different door so no one would see her. I am the meanest mom ever now.