Monday, October 06, 2014

Another Busy Weekend

Our Saturday started early 7am with breakfast of grits and bacon for G, because #mmbacon, then grocery shopping by 9am.  Anyway, home by 10am, and why does it take me an hour to grocery shop? to unload and back to next town by 11:15 to pick up teammate of G's for soccer having to get to the field early for photos.  Soccer game was cold, and I still managed to get a sunburn on my forehead.  The wind was biting cold and I had no protection from the wind.  They played okay, not spectacular, much better than I would do.

After soccer at 1:15pm, grabbed mom, took teammate home, took G home for shower, out again to purchase the Sunday Church boots for fall/winter/spring.  Prices were up and I paid more than I wanted and didn't get the dark color I wanted. Seems a similar pair of boots cost 1/3 less last year.  Yes, these boots can be worn to school as well as church.  Will she?  that is the question. Anyway, there was a great pair of red boots that would have looked so much better with her black pants.  She refused my suggestion, instead, picked a dark brown with orange uppers which are pretty but I just don't like them with the black pants.

After boots, off to a late lunch with mom and G then to see the 4pm matinee: The Good Lie.  Reese Witherspoon is the most well known actress in the movie and is center on the posters.  I hope the marketing team thought more people would see the movie if she were on the posters more prominently.  The story is about the Sudanese refugees or The Lost Boys of Sudan, their trials in Sudan and going to the refugee camps as well as the ones chosen to come to America prior to 9/11.  Mom and I both cried and laughed through it.  There were a lot of difficult parts to see because they filmed it so realistically or at least created it to be very realistic.  

One thing that could have been more of a focus was the faith of the Sudanese children.  They showed up to the refugee camp with a Bible after walking hundreds of miles.  Though the movie wasn't a biography it was based on composite stories of these children/adults.  The actors who played the refugees were themselves refugees and two were child soldiers.  One was a son of refugee parents.  I strongly recommend you can go see it, do so.

Another part of the movie that could have had a bit more time was just the total cultural adjustment like how to use a phone or what one is.  Maybe it would have made the movie too long but it was just under 2 hours so really it could have been a wee bit longer.  If this movie is playing in your area, go see it.  #theGOODLIE

Sunday was church and nap for me, movie for G; then up to mow the yard even though I didn't really want to do it. #lazy  Hopefully, this is the last mow for the year.  G picked up the sticks for me without griping oh and she also picked up with a shovel bits of an animal left over from some sort of nature attack.  Yes, I paid her for picking up the sticks, but sometimes she still gripes even though I pay her.

We slept with the windows opened last night, and around 4:30 I was so glad to have the yard mowed. It came a thunder storm that woke me up but not G.  She doesn't hear anything when she is asleep.  I used to could sleep like that.  Not sure exactly when that changed, probably age and hormones.  I had to shut the bedroom window though because the rain did tend to splash in on the window sill.

This is the confusing part of fall, cold in the morning hot in the day, what to wear based on what does it feel like outside at the moment, difficult to predict rain or heat or cold as the day moves on.  Well, that is all going on for now in the M household.


Vivian M said...

Busy is good! Our weekends are usually all about housework and sleeping in. :)
PS - where is the picture of the new boots?

Briana's Mom said...

You did have busy weekend! Bri sleeps just like G. A train could go through the room and Bri wouldn't wake up. I am such a light sleeper - I wish I could sleep deep!