Monday, October 27, 2014

Parent Teacher Conf. and Weekend

G's 5th grade social studies class built a life sized tee-pee and decorated accordingly. Her symbol is the deathly hallows from HP. I knew it would be as she comes home every Wednesday with it drawn on her hand because 3 of her friends form a sort of HP group at after school and play HP.  I also learned the other 5th graders were doing dioramas for which I am so glad her class didn't do one!!  Her teacher knows the parents usually end up doing them, not the kids.

And she had a great 1st 9 weeks.  I let her teachers know to encourage high goals for her because she is more likely to reach them than if the goals are too low.  funny how that works but it does for some kids.

G had received a balloon dog at something, I can't remember, but it is losing air quickly. The back legs unraveled and she attempted to fix it to many giggles and complete failure of the fixing, heh.

Apparently, our town decorates for Halloween. These are two of the pumpkin exhibits: The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Max and Ruby. G used to love Max and Ruby and of course the Great Pumpkin is part of my own childhood. We finally snapped photos last night before it became too dark.

G got to play two hours of soccer Saturday.  The first game was with her own team then the next game she was asked to play due to strep hitting one of the teams leaving them a player short.  She wanted to play because it was with two of her best-ies.  Then after soccer, I brought one of the friends home with us and they giggled for roughly 5 hours.  Breaks for lunch and supper were taken but seriously, the giggled all afternoon.

The parents of the other friend and I have arranged for the girls to walk to school together so I dropped G off at the friend's this morning.  Hopefully, no matter what, the girls can walk together without being late or without needing to be dropped off by the other girl's mom.  I think since it will be the two of them even if they leave 20 mins til they will be okay and not need to be dropped off.   Bad weather will alter those plans of course.

Nothing else of import happened.  My mom came home from her sister time but we haven't seen her yet.  G is going to dress as a soccer player for Halloween.  We just couldn't or maybe wouldn't come up with anything creative this year.  My creative is gone.  

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Vivian M said...

I don't have a creative bone in my body. Soccer player sounds fabulous and easy to pull off! Hope you all have a safe Halloween. :)