Friday, October 17, 2014

Thankfully My Car is Fixed

For under $300 and it apparently is a problem for a lot of Altima owners.  Crankshaft sensor going bad but Nissan's recall didn't replace it only cleaned it.  I wouldn't have gotten the recall since it is a used car for me but the sensor is now replaced with a new one that shouldn't have this problem again.
Tomorrow, 2 hours of soccer, yea me, and then finish laundry that for some reason seems to be so very much for just two of us.

And my Friday evening just got freed up.  Our high school team's homecoming is tonight and G has been invited to go with a friend who also invited her to spend the night.  YEA!  This is a soccer family as well so they will bring her to the game in the morning.  And yes G is very very excited about going.  I am personally excited about not having to go myself and having the morning to run my errands by myself!!

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Vivian M said...

I bet you paid more for labor than the actual part being repaired, ugh. Glad it is fixed now! Yay for free time, enjoy your weekend!