Saturday, November 22, 2014

Busy Weekend

Getting ready for our mini vacay.  I have someone checking on the house so thieves beware.  My low beam light on the driver side of my car is out.  Let's see now, the cam sensor had to be changed to the tune of almost $300, the wheel had to be changed due to a log to the tune of $150 and now the light to be changed and it is not an easy thing to do.  We have to swap cars with my parents so my dad can take it to the shop for me.  Tomorrow I will swap cars with Dad.  f

G has had a busy weekend with a skating birthday party to attend and tomorrow afternoon a matinee with her friend who had the skating birthday party.

Got the flu shot this week so hopefully I can bypass the flu season.  Discovered via the weather channel that where we are going will be mid 60s and rain on the way but not the two days that matter.  I have a place to stay going down there to break up the drive but I am either going to try to drive straight through or find a place on the way coming back.  I am doing laundry like crazy and packing is a nightmare because we don't know what clothes to bring.

I did find a large pepperoni log on clearance (but still good) and I have a box of crackers that I can make snacks for us to take or eat in the hotel.  I have a case of water to bring and am undecided on bringing a back pack or a large purse.  We will only have our phones for photos because honestly I don't want to carry the big camera.  I am stressing about rides and losing things on rides like glasses or bags or money.

Sadly the hotel/resort we are staying in doesn't have a microwave oven in the room so the soup idea doesn't work.  The hotel doesn't have a free breakfast, boo, but does have a water park which we can't use but one maybe two days if at all with the cool weather.  I plan to be at the destination for the 2 whole days well into the evenings that we have passes.  Now the day we check out we may decide to use the water park before leaving or we may decide to get up early and head home.  I am just hoping to get the majority of the driving out the day we leave.

Oh and funny little story, I took my mom with me to the town where the skating rink is and after dropping G off she and I went to lunch.  There was an Italian restaurant where mom had baked ziti and I had a spinach roll.  I brought half the roll home uneaten because I planned on having it for supper.

Then after lunch and a failed attempt to get the light fixed we went to pick G up from the party.  G was starving after all the skating so I offered her the spinach roll thinking she would hate it.  I don't know if it was because she was so hungry or what but she ate the whole thing exclaiming that she likes spinach.  Then we stopped by our house to get some noodles for her and while dropping mom off, I fixed her a bowl of noodles which she also ate.  Skating takes a lot out of a kid.  She didn't have near the bruises she had last year from her friends party.

I think my mom stayed confused about why we were there or where we were going and why G wasn't with us.  But it kept her out of the house for the day.  She has a big day to look forward to as family is coming in but it is also confusing her too.  I am praying it won't be as bad as last year.

Okay, off to do laundry.

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Vivian M said...

Have a safe and wonderful vacation!! I would go with the backpack by the way. Easier to carry a water bottle in and anything you may purchase that can't be held loosely on a ride. Use sunscreen!