Saturday, November 08, 2014

Crazy Week

Started out pretty good then Monday night driving home from picking G up from my parents, I ran over a log that bent the rim of a wheel on my car.  There were several logs on the side of the road but until I hit the one I didn't actually know that was what they were.  I thought at first they were dead animals but thought surely there couldn't be that many.  Then too late I saw the one off center in the road ad was unable to avoid it without going into a ditch.  It sounded like a gun shot and both G and I jumped.

Tuesday morning I took it in to the tire place in town, I initially called my dad Monday night to come help me take G to school Tuesday and get me to the car place.  I called my dad because when I panic that is who I call.  I ended up thinking about it over night and arranged another ride for G to get to school Tuesday.  I had enough air to drive myself to the car place which could only bang it out and order a new wheel.

The wheel was going to be in on Wednesday but I was able to drive all week with the temporary fix and drop it off last night so they replaced the wheel this morning.  Thankfully the tire itself was fine.

My dad picked me up and took G, me and mom out to dinner last night.  Then G and I spent the night with my parents so they wouldn't have to make too many trips into town.  The wheel doesn't actually match my car but it is safe to drive now.  Thankfully, the total cost was under $200!!

G and I kept my mom with us to go to the grocery store after picking up the car.  We stopped by our house first and I fixed us lunch.  Next Saturday, G and I have made plans to go help mom make pumpkin cake roll for Thanksgiving.  Last year she tired it by herself and made a pretty big mess of it.  They tasted good but she had rolled the towel into the final roll as opposed to in the middle of the process to train the cake to roll.

Anyway, we have roughly two weeks to our trip.  I am actually pretty excited about it but also extremely stressed over money mainly because of car problems.  I still have something to get fixed but was assured it can wait until after the holidays.

My mom is already talking of skipping Christmas this year and it isn't even her birthday yet.  I told her I was good with skipping it but G said she needed Christmas to come.  The stores also need Christmas to come.  Oh and I was thrilled with the November 4 election results.  I went to bed with soar cheeks from smiling and got up smiling again!

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Vivian M said...

I am sorry to hear about your car, but glad it was not too serious, it could have been much more costly!