Monday, November 03, 2014

Such an Interesting Weekend

G got to have a friend over again after soccer.  And again they played minecraft for 4 hours.  That isn't the most interesting aspect of the weekend though.

Friday night G went to a trunk or treat function with my dad at our church.  Saturday morning we were able to finish grocery shopping staying within budget.  Then to the soccer game where G scored 3 goals.  They even had big bouncy house and hot dogs after the games.  It was so very cold though most kids didn't stay for the fun.  This also wasn't the most interesting aspect.

Sunday, our Sunday School class had a visitor from Oregon who, for the last 11 years, has ridden a bike and camped out going from place to place.  He left Oregon in January on his way south/east.  He works day labor and I suppose, technically he is homeless, though it seems that he has chosen this.  He works day labor, lives off the kindness of others and came to church Sunday.  One of my class members invited me and G out to lunch with herself and this visitor.  So we heard some of his story.

I will not lie, I was uncomfortable and I am highly suspicious.  We asked about his story which he told and this is where my suspicion comes.  How to trust what he says is truth vs just playing on a church body's emotions.  Somethings we learned: He never finished high school, regrets it now, gave up working 11 years ago, sold everything (or lost it) and began his bike riding across the US.  Every year he has to buy a new bike due to wear and tear.  He has a tent and finds things along the road.  He claims no living relatives, mentioned no children or ex-spouses, claims to have very little work in the winter and sometimes rude greetings in other churches. He is not young, is not a vet, seemed relatively clean though stained with life.  His face is dark where the sun and weather has gotten to him.

He is headed to east TN for winter and that is not something I can understand.  Why go to a cold area and not down to Florida to live on the beach?  Anyway, we prayed over him after lunch as we dropped him back by his bike.  He has a trailer that is packed with clothes, tent, sleeping bag etc.  He did mention that employers are less likely to give him day jobs in the winter than the summer so he said he does tend to be hungrier in the winter.  If anyone has opportunity to give a job in the winter, please realize folks who travel around the country via bike or on feet and want to work will do so in winter, they need to eat in winter too.

After lunch and nap, G had some money burning a hole in her pocket.  We headed to Fred's first then to Wally world where she bought a 3 movie pack of the Wimpy Kid.  Oh and I didn't make it to Thanksgiving before having to turn on my heat which is so not a good thing.  I broke down Sunday and turned it off again this morning.  I don't think the temps are supposed to be low all week.

Saturday, I made two pots of chili, 1 pot of beans only and one of meat and stewed tomatoes only.  G doesn't like meat but does like beans, sour cream and cheese.  And good grief, meat is so expensive so we can't waste any of it and may not be able to ever have it again, heh.  We are gearing up for a fun month.  I will talk more about it after the month is over.


Briana's Mom said...

I just got Minecraft for Bri. She is completely hooked now.

Congrats on G's three goals!

You did have quite an interesting weekend!

The temps were crazy cold here over the weekend in GA. I definitely had to turn my heat on.

Vivian M said...

Do you freeze your meals? I found that making large batches and freezing them in smaller portions works great, especially on days when I don't have a lot of time to cook!
Your weekend was way more interesting than ours....we spent most of it eating leftover Halloween candy.
By the way, Corey and Kerri are hooked on that Minecraft thing. I just don't get it, even though they both tried to teach me how to play.
Hope you have a great week!