Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter came early

This little bit of white covering on our yard, translated into at least an inch of nice white ice on the overpasses and bridges. I am home today. This prevented me an probably a lot more folks from getting to work, at least those of us who work out of state.  Those who live out of town had trouble getting to our cities and were late to work.  And our interstate system is so backed up it goes to two state lines and half way back to our state capital.

So I had been on the road not even out of the town next to ours trying to get across the bridge but not even close to the bridge or interstate for roughly an hour.  I called my boss who had more info than I did.  She said the bridges were closed.  She said she would see me tomorrow.  YEA! WINTER!

This probably should have been accounted for particularly after our governor was called out last March leaving folks on the interstate system over 24 hours near our town.  Anyway, the perils of living in the south for winter.  I feel sorry for the trucks who had no clue what they were hitting until it was too late.

On the bright side, I can pick G up from school and take her to buy her friend a birthday present for tomorrow's party for which I have not seen the invitation because G can't seem to remember to bring it home from school.  That 10 year old memory beats the cake, doesn't it?

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Vivian M said...

Better safe than sorry! Glad you have an understanding boss that let you stay home. We are much better prepared here for the ice! Hope Miss G enjoys the birthday party. :)