Saturday, December 13, 2014


I wanted to post today because this numerical sequence date will not happen again until the year 2103.

Thursday night was the big town Christmas parade.  G rode the GA float and told me she intentionally hit some of her friends from school with candy.  I said, "They didn't let you throw candy so that you would use it as weapons."  She said, "Well, why did they let us throw it then?"

I don't think she hurt anyone and I know she wasn't the only one.  It was kind of cold and my toes took awhile to get warm even after we got home.  The parade was very short and I think G was disappointed with it being so short.

I need one more weekend before Christmas counting this and the next.  How do I not have enough time to do everything.  We were supposed to get our tree tonight but G had other plans and wanted to go to see the Nutcracker (local production) with her friend.  So tomorrow we will get it and decorate it.

I also agreed to shop for the family our Sunday School adopted.  11 year old boys are difficult.  Oh heck, who am I kidding, boys of any age are difficult for me to buy for particularly when I don't know them.  But there are twin girls younger than G, 2 of the same is my answer.

I made a pantry order from Amazon which is interesting.  I wish they carried more of the brands I actually purchase.  Some things were more expensive than I can buy at Kroger.  Some things were less but not my normal brand.  I purchased some of it anyway.  I haven't ordered from the pantry section before because I just got a box full enough for it.  I think it has a flat 5.99 shipping fee for as much as you can fill in the box but again it is select items of certain brands.

I also haven't shopped for G from Santa and yes she still believes.  She asks questions but hasn't come outright and demanded an answer.  I have been truthful with her reminding her that St. Nicholas was a real Bishop in the 4th century who slapped a heretic (my kind of guy) and who was wealthy using his wealth to rescue children from slavery.  She knows he is dead and asked if someone picked up being Santa and I said yes. And she asked if it is passed down in the family and I said yes.  So technically I answered correctly.

Anyway, so I have really no idea when I will shop for her.  Maybe at lunch since there is a target and sports authority near me.  She wants underarmour shirts.  I don't know what else she wants and this is just one more reason to wish she would stop believing.  I hope to find a couple of movies and specific candy she likes for the stocking oh and new house shoes and maybe new jams.

She hasn't really told me anything other than the underarmour.  I guess Christmas snuck up on her too.  She should be home any time now.  and yes I am typing this on Friday night for a Saturday morning post.  Surely you wouldn't think I would be up this early on a Saturday, bwahahaha and don't call me shirley.

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Vivian M said...

Your tree looks awesome (in the next post!). Hoping the you both find Christmas joy at church and with family, and that Santa figures out what Miss G really wants!