Friday, January 23, 2015

Coconut Oil

I found two new uses for coconut oil that doesn't involve swishing it in my mouth.  One is a body rub and one is a lip balm.  So I will look for the two or three things I don't have ready at home and then make these products.  If all goes well I will report back here.  If not, well, I will think about that later.

Monday, G and I went to the movies and saw Paddington.  It was a pretty good movie.  Since we were both off school and work, we had planned to use a movie gift card we received for Christmas to go.  Then off to dinner where a friend of mine met us.  She was sans child and lives close to the restaurant. G mostly played her game on the phone so all was good.

Saturday, a Sunday school class member passed away.  I didn't know about it until Sunday morning and our Monday plans were made.  I was unable to attend the visitation or the funeral.  We were in big city during the visitation and I had to work during the funeral.  She was very ill and is healed and safe in the arms of Jesus now.  She will be very missed.  She was sort of a spit fire!! She was a prayer warrior too!

Anyway, G is getting weird now that it is getting late.  She is extremely talkative and argumentative.  Not a good combination.  So basketball game tomorrow and shopping for a solar system project due in 2 weeks, yay! me!.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Week Later

So I found something on a blog about oil pulling with coconut oil.  It is supposed to neutralize bad breath.  What this blog said to do was take a tsp of coconut oil, let it melt in your mouth and swish it or pull it through your teeth for 20 mins.  Sounded easy enough and the blog stated that the bacteria is absorbed in the 20 mins but after 20 mins it reabsorbs in your mouth.  I thought this ought to be cheap enough to at least help with bad breath and possible teeth whitening (which claim was also made) good idea right?  Also, we were to spit it out in a garbage due to the oil becoming solid at under 76 degrees.

So the coconut oil arrived last night, G and I both participated except I got the measurement wrong.  We started with one tablespoon, oops.  After checking the measure we were able to spit some out.  That made it so much better.

G won't be able to do this due to lack of time.  I however got up this morning totally willing to begin.  I got my teaspoon full and then my mouth reacted involuntarily.  I had to force myself to put this stuff in my mouth.  Okay, I am a texture avoid-ant person in case I haven't mentioned it.  I also am not crazy about coconut except in Tum Ka soup.

It took a lot to keep it swishing but when I spit it out after 20 mins I almost threw up.  Seriously, I totally thought I was going to puke my guts out.  I would really like to stick with this but I think I won't be able to every day.  And now I have a container of coconut oil to use for something.  I will find a use but I am slightly disappointed in my involuntary reaction to the coconut.  One day I hope to out grow this sensory stuff, heh.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

double chin and all

Home with sickish child and after a trip to the wally world I made this top and two others. Here is the original website but I found the site from here first. No I don't have skinny jeans but I may go buy some black leggings.

The material actually cost $2.97 per yard and I bought 3 yards: 1 yard light grey, 1 yard dark grey and 1 this pretty blue. One of the yards was actually $1.97, but I don't know which was which. Literally all three shirts took me about an hour and half to make. G had to thread the needle for me because I am blind. I had to sew it by hand as I don't have a sewing machine and I didn't stitch around the neck. I plan on wearing these over colorful shirts for warmth.

G was doing homework because I picked her up after her math chunk test.  Yesterday she entered the world of women at the age of 10.  Trust me, this has been traumatic for me.  She has been rather stoic about it; however, I gave her the opportunity to stay home and learn how to deal with it before having to deal with it at school all day.  She took me up on it.  Plus I had nothing her size and she was so very uncomfortable using my products so we had to go purchase something just for her.

Oh and 10 is the youngest in the range of normal.  Basically, anywhere from 10-17 is acceptable.  We both wish it were closer to 17 rather than 10 but this is just as God ordained it.  To say it has been difficult for me was actually surprising to me too.  I called my dad to tell him he didn't need to pick her up from school and told him why I let her stay home.  Then I talked to my mom to tell her but when I heard her voice, I broke down.

Yes, I cried over my child going through this at the age of 10.  She just doesn't have a good understanding even though I have provided books that she refuses to read and have explained what it is and why.  I spoke with her school counselor who told me that several girls at this age already had started.  She said I was the 2nd mom this morning to let her know and that she agreed it is more traumatic on us parents.

Anyway, for all the worrying I did over precocious puberty I had hoped this would come after age 12, oh well.  Back to school and work tomorrow.  Good thing I have paid time off!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

it matters how you complete the forms

So now that our w-2s are done and I did complete the filing, I actually owe only $32.  I verified and re-checked everything and with a credit that I originally misapplied, I still have to pay but not as much.  I still will hold the printed filing of both fed and state for a bit.  I don't owe on state.

I will adjust the withholding still to have a bit more paid though I am loathe to let the government have any money any earlier than necessary. Harumph!

But I did have a plan to pay and I will revert that to a plan to save.  Easy peasy, budgets are important and is not a dirty word.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

fun photos

First up, bald eagles in trees in my parent's yard.

Second is me after the last madrigal show put on by our church.

I am so tired and soar but we had a great show according to the guests.

Now on to not fun stuff, preliminary results of tax prep indicates that I will have to pay 1535 to the IRS.  I had a big refund last year and had not much of an increase in income so I thought I might break even.  Oops, I made enough to owe too much.  I have a plan to pay by April 15 and not a moment sooner.  I am praying that there will be no financial surprises until then.