Saturday, January 10, 2015

fun photos

First up, bald eagles in trees in my parent's yard.

Second is me after the last madrigal show put on by our church.

I am so tired and soar but we had a great show according to the guests.

Now on to not fun stuff, preliminary results of tax prep indicates that I will have to pay 1535 to the IRS.  I had a big refund last year and had not much of an increase in income so I thought I might break even.  Oops, I made enough to owe too much.  I have a plan to pay by April 15 and not a moment sooner.  I am praying that there will be no financial surprises until then.

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Vivian M said...

Love the outfit! I am so very sorry you have to pay taxes this year. I would look under every rock for any tax credits, exemptions or deductions!