Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One Week Later

So I found something on a blog about oil pulling with coconut oil.  It is supposed to neutralize bad breath.  What this blog said to do was take a tsp of coconut oil, let it melt in your mouth and swish it or pull it through your teeth for 20 mins.  Sounded easy enough and the blog stated that the bacteria is absorbed in the 20 mins but after 20 mins it reabsorbs in your mouth.  I thought this ought to be cheap enough to at least help with bad breath and possible teeth whitening (which claim was also made) good idea right?  Also, we were to spit it out in a garbage due to the oil becoming solid at under 76 degrees.

So the coconut oil arrived last night, G and I both participated except I got the measurement wrong.  We started with one tablespoon, oops.  After checking the measure we were able to spit some out.  That made it so much better.

G won't be able to do this due to lack of time.  I however got up this morning totally willing to begin.  I got my teaspoon full and then my mouth reacted involuntarily.  I had to force myself to put this stuff in my mouth.  Okay, I am a texture avoid-ant person in case I haven't mentioned it.  I also am not crazy about coconut except in Tum Ka soup.

It took a lot to keep it swishing but when I spit it out after 20 mins I almost threw up.  Seriously, I totally thought I was going to puke my guts out.  I would really like to stick with this but I think I won't be able to every day.  And now I have a container of coconut oil to use for something.  I will find a use but I am slightly disappointed in my involuntary reaction to the coconut.  One day I hope to out grow this sensory stuff, heh.


Vivian M said...

go here:

I am sure you will find something that you can do with all that coconut oil!

Vicki said...

I LOVE coconut oil. I've HEARD of this 'pulling' procedure and met someone who does it. She says it's helped her with fibromyalgia. Dr. Josh Axe is who first enlightened me about it. We cook with coconut oil, use is as a balm and body moisturizer (as I've seen in your later post). You go girl...

P.S. Did you know I'm #3 now?
Mercy me!!