Thursday, February 26, 2015


I picked up my glasses on Friday since the ice storm was coming and work closed early.  They technically are trifocals but are called progressive bifocals.  Anyway, I went to ma parents to pick up G and told them about the glasses.  My dad looked at me and said, "since when did you start wearing glasses?"  WOW!

To be clear, I was told as a senior in high school that I needed them to read only but once on they never came off.  I briefly wore contacts which caused my eyes to be super sensitive (still) to sunlight. I have worn glasses everyday of my life basically since I was a senior.  I have wore glasses after the contacts since before G came home.  First thing after I get out of bed is put on my glasses.  Basically to me this means my dad never looks at me and hasn't looked at me since before G came home.

I am not sure how I like these completely and I probably should take them to the eye doc to have them checked out.  It seems the peripheral vision is way blurrier than I like.  But I can read books now without playing the invisible trombone.

In other news, I am still fighting with G's school over the PARCC refusal.  They can't keep her out of the school for the testing but they can keep her out of the room where the testing is taking place.  That happens to be the computer lab not her home room.  So she can read a book in the library for the days her class is testing.  They don't have enough computers for every child to get a computer for a week of tests.  They also don't test 6 hours a day.

I have dubbed this a civics lesson in civil disobedience.  We shall see.  I am looking at a home school curriculum for her for next year.  Due to the weather I had to cancel the private school interview but as soon as the head of the school returns from her recruiting trip I will reschedule.

I am contemplating setting up a go fund me page to raise the tuition but not just G's tuition but any other child who like G is smart but not assertive and seems to fall through the cracks at school.  Also, who comes from a single parent home where home schooling wouldn't be an easy option.  Maybe the tuition scholarship would be to fill the in the gap of other scholarships and would be for private schools through high school only.  

I think there is a need out there for school choice.  So the scholarship would work as after a child is accepted and the parents can apply for whatever discount the school would give the go fund me money would fill the gap allowing the child to go and get out of public schools.  I have to think some more on it.

Anyway, these are my thoughts for the day.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

They Died with Christ's Name on Their Lips

I will remember their names on this blog.  Praying for an end to all religious persecution and specifically to an end to radical islam.  Peaceful Muslims must call the radical out or your own voices will be drowned.  Pray for peace but be prepared.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Ice Storm Vacation

This was all we got but it is all ice

We colored. G tried to make this a competition by who got finished first or who colored what object wrong.  

Then we played Millionaire Monopoly.  Such a fun and relatively short game.  We played Trouble and Triominos which is like triangular dominoes.  We watched a long movie in bed since G's school called out for Tuesday by 4 on Monday.    

So Tuesday I stayed home with her too.  So far the ice has melted pretty well so surely by tomorrow all will be returned to normal.  Hopefully, this will be the extent of winter for us for the year.  Of course last year we had ice/snow in March so we will just have to see.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day

Of course around here it is more like a sleet/ice day.  Our office closed but I had already gotten G out of bed and myself ready to go before checking for a text, oops.  Plan initially was to take G to my dad's since she was off school anyway for President's Day, but as weather would have it, my company closed as well.  Weather people were warning folks to stay home if possible.

Now if the power will stay on, I will try desperately to enjoy this extra day with G.  Sometimes my day off and her day off don't look the same which frustrates me.  I think a day of movies and snuggles on the couch under piles of blankets sounds nice.  G however sees me watching her play minecraft on a tiny phone as a big hit.  She doesn't seem to understand that a.) I don't understand minecraft and b.) I can't see!

This weekend G scored twice in the first quarter of her basketball game.  One of those was off someone else's rebound and one was off her own rebound.  She also played defense fairly well.  Too bad her grandad and grammie weren't able to see her.  Hopefully she can repeat her skills next week.  The team even won.  The thing is, her team has made a 100% turn around from playing as 5 individual teams on the court to working together as 1 team with 5 players.  It has been a good experience and winning doesn't hurt, ;-)

This past week at our work conference the company gave a jellybox speaker to everyone in attendance.  It will work on bluetooth, about which I know nothing, and it will plug in to devices just like ear buds do.  The difference the speaker makes is absolutely unbelievable.  The first night we used it while watching a movie on the lap top.  From canned to surround sound (not really but close) was the difference.

The next day we watched the extended version of HP on the kindle fire HD and again amazing.  We wore the battery down and had to have it charging via laptop while watching.  The third movie we watched after the JB was already charged ran the battery down within an hour.  So I need to figure out how to make sure it stays charged for a movie.  So glad to have the JB and now just need to figure out how to keep it alive so to speak.

G has another loose tooth.  G has a head cold and lots of snot.  My sleep is so disturbed listening to her try to breathe.  I have snuck vicks salve on a tissue and shoved it around her face while she slept to help open her up.  She won't blow her nose even though it snaps, crackles and pops with snot.  What is it about 10 year olds and not blowing noses or washing faces or just caring for their general hygiene?  That is another story.

So nothing going on here today.  Now that we can't go anywhere I can think of a million places I need to go.  By the way, if anyone happens to have Peanuts valentine cards used or not used would you send them to me?  I have a project that requires Peanuts valentine cards.  G and I attempted to frame a square valentine Peanuts puzzle for her room in a rectangle frame.  I thought we could fill up the extra space with valentine cards.  The only problem is I didn't come up with this brilliant scheme until yesterday afternoon and haven't been back out to shop, plus Valentine's Day is over.  If so e-mail me at b d m 9 3 7 0 @ y a h o o . c o m . Remove the spaces.  Hopefully I will be able to find some this week after the ice melts.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Productive Day/Exciting Week

This week was the leadership conference for our company.  They always have this in a casino which I don't particularly like because I don't gamble and actually think it more of a vice to do so.  There is also quite a bit of alcohol around of which I don't partake.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and this year was big.  

The first night is always a trade show with the vendors with whom our properties work.  There is usually a drawing for gifts and this year I won a $50 gift card for a store in the casino only.  In other words it wasn't for the gambling portion of the casino.  So I picked up a new overnight suitcase/duffle bag for G and in good time because she lost a tooth while I was gone and so guess what the toothfairy is bringing her?  

Then the next two days I won a $100 gift card for being 1st to participate in something the speaker wanted to do.  Then the next day I was on a team that placed 3rd and won a $25 gift card.  WOOHOO!  I went to a casino and came away with $175 without gambling, heh.  The casino gift card allowed me to also get some other color pashmina shawls which I love!!@!11!1

The speakers were Connie Podesta, Jackie Ramsedt, and a surprise guest, a former Marine and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer.  I was able to get a picture with him too.  He was very very nice.  There was security everywhere around him as he has a $100k bounty on his head by the tal*ban.  Our company also gave us his book, signed.  We also were given a blue tooth speaker which I don't have clue how to work or use.  

There was another gift which I didn't get for lots of reasons but the company purchased a barrel of some alcohol, bourbon I think, in honor of the company's 10th anniversary which was what we were celebrating.  I don't really want it either.  After it was finally over at midnight last night, I drove home to be in my own bed.  I am very tired today but so glad to be home away from the smoke and stuff and loud music which I could hear in my room.  

So today, I managed to get my tags for the car and my driver's license renewed (due to expire this year anyway) since I didn't have to go to work today, as it was considered a travel day.  In the same shopping center where the tags were, I stopped into an eye doctor who was willing to take a new patient without an appointment.  I am biting the bullet to get bifocals, plus my Rx has changed a bit, and I am over 40.  Now I need to go to the wally world and get the glasses.  My eyes are still dilated but I think for big things I can still get this done.  Plus I need to replenish the milk and a few groceries.

I also was able to do the happy hearts with mom at G's school which is just doughnuts and coffee.  G ate my doughnut and hers that was just too much sugar for me.  I spoke with another mother who is trying to keep her kid from the parcc test and told her to stick with it.  The more parents who fight the stronger the case is.  I gave her my contact info so hopefully we can ban together to fight this.

Update on the solar system project, G made 100.  YEA!!  I did ask another  mother who said her son heard the same thing about styrofoam not being creative so I clarified it with her teacher while I was there.  I prefaced my question with, "I think G mis heard or misunderstood but she claimed you has said" blah blah blah.  The teacher said she wouldn't have ever said that and I def. don't think she intended the meaning that G heard, but I do think in an off the cuff remark, she did say it.  Thankfully, she graded off the rubric or on the technical aspect of the project.  

Anyway, I am off to fix lunch and go order bifocals.  GAH!! Age!!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

So Friday...

G comes home and says, Ms. Science teacher "said that kids who use styro foam for their solar systems will not make a good grade because styro foam is not creative."

My first words, because I am a compassionate mom who rarely uses I-told-you-so, were, "I told you to do a book." heh

But this morning at 6am when, for some strange reason I woke up, I was livid and fuming over the whole project.  Why a teacher would change the rules the Friday before a project is due is beyond me.  So this morning I set about to e-mail Ms teacher but then G said she may not have understood what the teacher said and that maybe she didn't say that to other classes.  I was going to e-mail her to ask her to clarify what she meant, but G wouldn't let me.

Ms. teacher did say for the students to get ideas off of pintrest.  I am not on pintrest and do not plan to be.  I have no time for pintrest and G wanted to do the diorama with styro foam planets.  Plus, Ms teacher's rubric did not mention any grade for creativity and the only restriction was no food/candy.  And other than getting the facts on the box, G was finished completely last weekend.

Oh but Saturday G had a basketball game and the team WON!!  It was an exciting game and G even scored!!  I didn't take pictures.

So now time for dinner and then to bed.  So glad it is Sunday tomorrow, looking forward to church then nap!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

What G Did

With a little guidance from me and by "guidance" I mean staying on her like white on rice until she got it done. Sometimes it takes a little barking to make the puppies mind. Anyway, last weekend we purchased the last remaining bit of paint needed and the styrofoam balls to do the solar system. I showed her a trick to painting the marble look.

Last weekend I had tried to get her to let me buy the solar kit but she was having none of it. She couldn't see past the picture on the box even though all that the box contained were the exact number of styrofoam balls we needed. Now we have plenty of extras for extra projects or just to take up space in the over filled craft drawers. Plus the cost of the kit was half what I paid in the bits and pieces.

My favorite planets are here, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth and Neptune. We hung them with green flower wire of which we have tons left. I don't know why the pictures are so blasted large (never mind I figured it out) my her well deserved A.  Just to give a size perspective: Mercury was an 1" in diameter and Jupiter is the largest at 2".
She did a really good job on the actual painting of the planets. The teacher had given the class 4 options and of course my child chose the one that had the most glue, paint and time involved. So now all that is left is the index cards to be applied and she can turn this in for

Other than that and my Sunday nap we did nothing else. It took almost 8 hours to paint and put the project together so that left no time for much else anyway. Now I am off to make G a curry soup for dinner.