Friday, February 13, 2015

Productive Day/Exciting Week

This week was the leadership conference for our company.  They always have this in a casino which I don't particularly like because I don't gamble and actually think it more of a vice to do so.  There is also quite a bit of alcohol around of which I don't partake.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and this year was big.  

The first night is always a trade show with the vendors with whom our properties work.  There is usually a drawing for gifts and this year I won a $50 gift card for a store in the casino only.  In other words it wasn't for the gambling portion of the casino.  So I picked up a new overnight suitcase/duffle bag for G and in good time because she lost a tooth while I was gone and so guess what the toothfairy is bringing her?  

Then the next two days I won a $100 gift card for being 1st to participate in something the speaker wanted to do.  Then the next day I was on a team that placed 3rd and won a $25 gift card.  WOOHOO!  I went to a casino and came away with $175 without gambling, heh.  The casino gift card allowed me to also get some other color pashmina shawls which I love!!@!11!1

The speakers were Connie Podesta, Jackie Ramsedt, and a surprise guest, a former Marine and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer.  I was able to get a picture with him too.  He was very very nice.  There was security everywhere around him as he has a $100k bounty on his head by the tal*ban.  Our company also gave us his book, signed.  We also were given a blue tooth speaker which I don't have clue how to work or use.  

There was another gift which I didn't get for lots of reasons but the company purchased a barrel of some alcohol, bourbon I think, in honor of the company's 10th anniversary which was what we were celebrating.  I don't really want it either.  After it was finally over at midnight last night, I drove home to be in my own bed.  I am very tired today but so glad to be home away from the smoke and stuff and loud music which I could hear in my room.  

So today, I managed to get my tags for the car and my driver's license renewed (due to expire this year anyway) since I didn't have to go to work today, as it was considered a travel day.  In the same shopping center where the tags were, I stopped into an eye doctor who was willing to take a new patient without an appointment.  I am biting the bullet to get bifocals, plus my Rx has changed a bit, and I am over 40.  Now I need to go to the wally world and get the glasses.  My eyes are still dilated but I think for big things I can still get this done.  Plus I need to replenish the milk and a few groceries.

I also was able to do the happy hearts with mom at G's school which is just doughnuts and coffee.  G ate my doughnut and hers that was just too much sugar for me.  I spoke with another mother who is trying to keep her kid from the parcc test and told her to stick with it.  The more parents who fight the stronger the case is.  I gave her my contact info so hopefully we can ban together to fight this.

Update on the solar system project, G made 100.  YEA!!  I did ask another  mother who said her son heard the same thing about styrofoam not being creative so I clarified it with her teacher while I was there.  I prefaced my question with, "I think G mis heard or misunderstood but she claimed you has said" blah blah blah.  The teacher said she wouldn't have ever said that and I def. don't think she intended the meaning that G heard, but I do think in an off the cuff remark, she did say it.  Thankfully, she graded off the rubric or on the technical aspect of the project.  

Anyway, I am off to fix lunch and go order bifocals.  GAH!! Age!!

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