Saturday, February 07, 2015

So Friday...

G comes home and says, Ms. Science teacher "said that kids who use styro foam for their solar systems will not make a good grade because styro foam is not creative."

My first words, because I am a compassionate mom who rarely uses I-told-you-so, were, "I told you to do a book." heh

But this morning at 6am when, for some strange reason I woke up, I was livid and fuming over the whole project.  Why a teacher would change the rules the Friday before a project is due is beyond me.  So this morning I set about to e-mail Ms teacher but then G said she may not have understood what the teacher said and that maybe she didn't say that to other classes.  I was going to e-mail her to ask her to clarify what she meant, but G wouldn't let me.

Ms. teacher did say for the students to get ideas off of pintrest.  I am not on pintrest and do not plan to be.  I have no time for pintrest and G wanted to do the diorama with styro foam planets.  Plus, Ms teacher's rubric did not mention any grade for creativity and the only restriction was no food/candy.  And other than getting the facts on the box, G was finished completely last weekend.

Oh but Saturday G had a basketball game and the team WON!!  It was an exciting game and G even scored!!  I didn't take pictures.

So now time for dinner and then to bed.  So glad it is Sunday tomorrow, looking forward to church then nap!


jennifer said...

Woohoo. Glad she won her game. Not sure when her project is due, but Maddie did this It was a huge hit. Saturn was my favorite. I would be mad though that the teacher changed it like that..

Vivian M said...

Congrats on the win Miss G!!

Kerri sometimes misunderstands what a teacher asks for, so per her IEP, I have asked the teacher to put the requests either in writing in the classroom or otherwise, so there is no misunderstandings.

And now as a parent - teachers should give credit for creativity, for effort, for completing the project! So what if she used Styrofoam balls? She still had to do something with them to turn them into planets. Ugh.