Thursday, February 26, 2015


I picked up my glasses on Friday since the ice storm was coming and work closed early.  They technically are trifocals but are called progressive bifocals.  Anyway, I went to ma parents to pick up G and told them about the glasses.  My dad looked at me and said, "since when did you start wearing glasses?"  WOW!

To be clear, I was told as a senior in high school that I needed them to read only but once on they never came off.  I briefly wore contacts which caused my eyes to be super sensitive (still) to sunlight. I have worn glasses everyday of my life basically since I was a senior.  I have wore glasses after the contacts since before G came home.  First thing after I get out of bed is put on my glasses.  Basically to me this means my dad never looks at me and hasn't looked at me since before G came home.

I am not sure how I like these completely and I probably should take them to the eye doc to have them checked out.  It seems the peripheral vision is way blurrier than I like.  But I can read books now without playing the invisible trombone.

In other news, I am still fighting with G's school over the PARCC refusal.  They can't keep her out of the school for the testing but they can keep her out of the room where the testing is taking place.  That happens to be the computer lab not her home room.  So she can read a book in the library for the days her class is testing.  They don't have enough computers for every child to get a computer for a week of tests.  They also don't test 6 hours a day.

I have dubbed this a civics lesson in civil disobedience.  We shall see.  I am looking at a home school curriculum for her for next year.  Due to the weather I had to cancel the private school interview but as soon as the head of the school returns from her recruiting trip I will reschedule.

I am contemplating setting up a go fund me page to raise the tuition but not just G's tuition but any other child who like G is smart but not assertive and seems to fall through the cracks at school.  Also, who comes from a single parent home where home schooling wouldn't be an easy option.  Maybe the tuition scholarship would be to fill the in the gap of other scholarships and would be for private schools through high school only.  

I think there is a need out there for school choice.  So the scholarship would work as after a child is accepted and the parents can apply for whatever discount the school would give the go fund me money would fill the gap allowing the child to go and get out of public schools.  I have to think some more on it.

Anyway, these are my thoughts for the day.


jennifer said...

AMEN. We need school choice and no Jeb Bush.

Vivian M said...

It is too bad you don't have more school options. In South Florida, they opened up charter schools, and that seems to be working very well for my goddaughter. Here in Canada, we have the public board, the Catholic board, and the private schools systems. Homeschooling should be a choice not made out of desperation or because the current system is not working. Have you tried escalating your concerns to the school board and superintendent?