Sunday, February 01, 2015

What G Did

With a little guidance from me and by "guidance" I mean staying on her like white on rice until she got it done. Sometimes it takes a little barking to make the puppies mind. Anyway, last weekend we purchased the last remaining bit of paint needed and the styrofoam balls to do the solar system. I showed her a trick to painting the marble look.

Last weekend I had tried to get her to let me buy the solar kit but she was having none of it. She couldn't see past the picture on the box even though all that the box contained were the exact number of styrofoam balls we needed. Now we have plenty of extras for extra projects or just to take up space in the over filled craft drawers. Plus the cost of the kit was half what I paid in the bits and pieces.

My favorite planets are here, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth and Neptune. We hung them with green flower wire of which we have tons left. I don't know why the pictures are so blasted large (never mind I figured it out) my her well deserved A.  Just to give a size perspective: Mercury was an 1" in diameter and Jupiter is the largest at 2".
She did a really good job on the actual painting of the planets. The teacher had given the class 4 options and of course my child chose the one that had the most glue, paint and time involved. So now all that is left is the index cards to be applied and she can turn this in for

Other than that and my Sunday nap we did nothing else. It took almost 8 hours to paint and put the project together so that left no time for much else anyway. Now I am off to make G a curry soup for dinner.


Briana's Mom said...

It turned out amazing!

Vivian M said...

Great job, it turned out fabulous!