Saturday, March 14, 2015

must post for pi

Since the snow melted it has been nothing but rain.  The temps have been cool but not cold.  Sine the moisture is in the air it feels cold and dreary though.

We have the basketball awards day today with a basketball Fox doing trick shots.  Then home for laundry, yea me!

Nothing else exciting is happening.  My mom is declining at a fairly quick pace.  I think my dad is more worried than he is letting on.  Actually he let me know that because of mom's declining health he can't allow G to homeschool at his house next year nor will he be able to pick G up from the private school since it would be an hour round trip.  It will be easier for me to afford to pay a babysitter to pick her up and bring her to him or home for that small length of time.

So that is where we stand.  We meet with the new headmistress on Tuesday and will find out about transportation. Also, since she is looking for an assistant, I sent her my resume.  She said she would look at it for consideration.  That would solve a multitude of problems.

G and a friend of hers have been asked to draw the picture for their class anthology book to be published soon. She brought it home to color but the girls already messed it up and she may not be able to fix it   It is due on Tuesday.

PARCC starts Monday.  The teacher undermined all of the parents who are against the test by claiming the parents don't know what we are talking about.  She didn't use the exact words but the meaning was there.  She is also putting a lot of pressure on them to do well.  The problem is that the test has set them up to fail.  They are being required to type sentence explanations on how they solved math problems.  It isn't just abc answers but actual typed answers and verbal typed explanations to explain the math solving process on a timed test. The math problems are generally 2 years ahead of their grade.

If the students fail it reflects badly on the teachers and they could be denied pay raises.  Also students who fail are required the next year to be placed in an academic improvement plan that may include remedial classes.  The students who are making straight A's in the gifted program could be removed from the program to remedial classes.  They can't fail the year but it would be detrimental to all the students.  Even the smart kids in the regular classes who don't test well will be held back the next year in remedial classes not doing the work the are capable of doing.

I have refused over and over but the school is completely ignoring me.  The will test her if she shows up on any day during the 5 weeks of testing.  Yes you read that right, 5 weeks of testing.  All the time prior is used to teach how to take the test.  So tax payer money is being spent to set up the kids for failure so teachers can get a raise.  I want to get the parents who have refused in a class action lawsuit but I am not sure how exactly to go about it.  I have g scheduled for a dental cleaning one day so she will miss that day.

On another point of the test the scoring is wonky.  If a child explains how the problem is solved but due to a math error picks the wrong answer they get 2 points.  If however they work the problem out and select the right answer but don't explain the process, they get 1 point.  What does that train a child to believe?  Now this group, learning that effort is what matters, decide to build a railroad and all the effort produces a wrong measurement, what then?  Praise them anyway, pay them anyway?  This whole common core and PARCC just teaches kids to be more narcissistic than they currently are.  Didn't get the right answer?  It's okay,  you still get full or better credit.

Socialism at its finest.  Okay so happy Pi day.

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Steph B said...

So very sorry to hear about your mom.

The whole testing situation you've described is unbelievable. Five weeks of testing! I bet they do that so parents who object can't just keep their kids home for a week. And it doesn't seem right that they'll force G to test when you've stated your objections. Hope the private school situation works out so you can avoid this in the future.