Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PARCC Update

We did it with the help of Arkansas Against Common Core. G isn't taking the test. I have lost enough sleep on this. I am grateful for the school coming to their senses, but they did so only because I managed to get a quote from the AR Dept of Education testing coordinator who said that children who come to school must sit for the test but if the child refuses to take it then the PAN must be marked refused and the child is to be given reading material. Also, it does count against the 95% participation rate of the school for validation of the test and probably some other garbage related to both no child left behind (a Ted Kennedy invention) or Common Core (a wrong headed Dem initiative that included the Rino Jeb Bush).

I scheduled a dental cleaning for G at a dental hygiene school for this morning to intentionally miss PARCC for the day.  The last time I had her teeth cleaned there it took 3 hours so I assumed the same would be today. It wasn't, took only an hour.  We have time to kill.

I took a day PTO from work because this afternoon we also have an appointment to meet the headmistress of her new school.  I verified with dad about his not picking her up at the school, and I told him that I would hire a baby sitter/driver if the bus doesn't bring her back to our home town after school.   He will continue to pick her up from our home town if a bus will bring her back.  Though, I may still see if someone would be willing to drop her off at home for that length of time for me to get home from work.

I have my resume out at several different places in and around my home; hopefully, something will strike and I can quit driving to the big city to work.  Even though mileage wise my place of employment is 5 miles shorter from my home than the school is (in opposite directions of course); it sometimes takes over an hour to get to work or get home from work which is stressful.  In the afternoon it has taken up to an hour and half to get to my dad's to pick G up and in the worst case it was 6 hours just to get home.  I would really like to stop going across the bridge for work but I may take a hit in pay by working back over here.  It would be worth it though if I could be closer to G's school and closer to home.

Off to make lunch for my lego playing girl.  She rediscovered her love when she brought her legos home from my parents last night.  They had been put up and forgotten.  Just like Christmas again, she even asked to get up at 6am to play with them.

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Vivian M said...

Sending positive thoughts for the new school and the job search! Legos are awesome (unless they are on the floor, I always manage to step on one).