Thursday, March 05, 2015

Snow Day

We are both out on a real live snow day.  She is layered in 3 outfits and her jacket and my boots and socks.  She is very cold still.  We don't keep snow boots or snow clothes for a once in a lifetime snow like this.  

Thankfully, my work is also closed so we don't have to use PTO today.  Some kids ran through our pristine snow before I got up and before G could mess it up herself.  That is so disturbing. Please parents teach your children boundaries and not to run through people's yards.


Briana's Mom said...

Looks like a lot of fun in the snow! And I also hate when someone messes up the snow in my yard before I get to! Not cool!

Vivian M said...

How fun! We are having a fabulous snow season here in Canada. No snow days for us, school never closes!
And you never know when you might want to visit us and use some of that winter clothing.....