Saturday, March 28, 2015

Y'all, It's Snowing

and Freaking COLD!  But thankfully it won't stick.  Funny, as a child we could count on at least 1 good snow in January.  Recently, it moved to February and March.  Hopefully, it won't move to March and April.  I am a bit over winter at this point.  I know I will wish it early when I am sweltering in the August Southern Heat.

G is attempting to earn money by picking up sticks and cleaning out the car.  Her nose and cheeks are bright red from the cold.  She won't be out there long and I will warm her up with some tom ka soup for lunch.  She is attempting to upload another video on you tube.  She thinks she will make a lot of money there and if she does, I will be quite fine with it as long as the videos are wholesome.

Spring break is over for G.  She did not have a calm one.  She spent Monday night at my parent's house.  Tuesday morning around 6:30am, my mom was attempting to go to the bathroom but her vertigo came back.  She fell and sprained her wrist and cut her arm.  G was asleep as was my dad in another room.  My mom screaming woke G up and when she figured out what happened she ran to get my dad.  At 12:30pm G texted me to say that her grammie fell and hurt her wrist so they were going for x-rays.  Dad knew it wasn't broken so he put mom back to bed to sleep off the vertigo.  The x-rays said there were no broken bones.

I managed to get G's best friend's mom to agree to keep G on Wednesday then they let her spend Wed night through Thursday too.  G had a great time.  Yesterday, she went back to my parent's.  She did get to swim one day, Monday, but after that not again.  Sadly, spring break is now over and she has to get back to the grind of school.

She has something to look forward to this month, however, her 11th birthday!  She wants the lego hogwarts castle set.  I may have been able to acquire one but this will be a surprise because I've told her we couldn't afford it.

This week we have a meet and greet for  families of her new school, she has a night time Easter egg hunt, and her BFF's mom and I are taking the girls to a civil war battle field on Good Friday.  What a fun weekend.

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Ba Ba and Mommy said...

I just wanted to say a quick hello. I have followed your blog for I don't know how long, maybe since we brought our boys home in 2007 and 2009 and have commented before. Wishing your daughter a Happy Birthday soon and best of luck at her new school. Also, I commend you on your efforts for the Go Fund Me account to help families who need a bit of assistance with tuition. Take care.