Sunday, April 05, 2015

He Is Risen

And success.  This has been a very busy HOLY Weekend.  I hope you, dear reader, were able to attend your place of worship today to celebrate the RISEN LORD and SAVIOR.  We had an excellent Sunday school lesson and not because I taught it but because it reinforces that our faith is not in vain.  We celebrate a Risen Savior.  And because of that we do not have to die in our sins.  Our sins will not trap us either on this earth or after death.  He took the wrath of God which we deserved and then crushed death our enemy.

Just makes me want to jump and shout.  I could be a shouting Methodist I suppose.  Anywho, this weekend G and I went shopping for the Easter Sunday outfit and summer shorts and the wedding outfit.  I wished the wedding outfit to be the same as the Easter outfit as well as the summer Sunday outfits.  We found a delicious pair of pants and delightful shirt which she agreed to wear.  She will wear the pants on Easter and the wedding and the shirt only at the wedding.  She found a pair of blue shorts for every Sunday for summer and we found a polo shirt to match the wedding pants that also goes with the blue shorts. She wore that shirt today with the pants.  Small victories.  I don't have to go to a mall again until fall, YIPPEE!

Friday, I took G and her friend and the friend's mom to Shiloh National Battlefield which now includes Corinth, MS.  We reached Corinth around 11:30ish spent 3 hours then had lunch around 2:30 leaving Corinth for Shiloh reaching that at 3:15.  The buildings at Shiloh close at 5.  The movie plays every hour on the hour.  We spent 45 mins inside the museum answering questions for the jr ranger then watched the 45 min movie.  We headed to the bookstore for souvenirs then off on the driving tour since the park closes after dark.  We left Shiloh at 7:30 and had to feed the kids.  We got home after 11pm.  It was a long long day, but it was a lot of fun.

And Thursday evening G and I met some potential new families at the new school.  There are not many kids in G's grade and none above her that I saw.  The elementary A group is full with a waiting list.  After this G attended a night time Easter egg hunt.  She had fun.  

And I have finally forgiven the person who stole my only bloomed tulip even pulling the bulb out of the ground Thursday between 3:45 and 6:30.  The tulip is even in the bed next to my house so someone had to come up to my house to get it.  I think it was a neighborhood kid whose parents haven't taught respect for other people's property.  He and his siblings tend to run all over with little to no supervision.  

Anyway, that was our weekend.  I even managed to get the yard mowed today after my nap.  I had planned to mow it yesterday but couldn't find the key to the shed.  So anyway, I did find the key today right where I left it at the end of last summer.  Now my yard at least looks nice.

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Vivian M said...

Great pictures! By the way, I thought kids were stealing my tulips too, until I caught a big squirrel taking them. We don't have tulips at the new house. :(
Hope you had a blessed Easter!